Twirl custom shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: January 25th, 2015

twirl custom shapes for Photoshop and elements

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Twirl shapes for Photoshop / Elements (#144)

100 Twirl shapes for Photoshop CC S3 CS2 CS4 CS6 CS5 CS1 2014 Elements 13 12 11 etc


CSH and EPS vector format. All very easy to add and use through the apps such as via the shape tool / cookie cutter etc


Re-color, modify, warp, combine and more for truly stunning whirl and twirls and much more.


PC and MAC OS X.


Commercial (CU4CU) use - all the weird and wonderful artworks are by and can be used to create items for sale such as logos, books, posters, mugs, backgrounds, posters, adverts, scrapbooking and many more


On purchase, you receive the CSH and also documentation and gallery and serial.

Twirl shapes for Photoshop and Elements


add in any color required

They can be added in any color


twirl shapes combine with text

You can combine the vectors with all kinds of text either at the side or below or above or pasted into (and many other combinations)


add glows to any of the work

You can use them as is but you can also add glows etc via the effects / filters menu in PS


adjustments hue and saturation

You can add all kinds of effects as well as adjustment layers such as hue and saturation to re-color any of the artworks (foreground as well as background). In the above, the artwork has been re-colored using the colorize option in that adjustment layer


colors added over and over swirled

You can add them once or multiple times in different colors to create all kinds of super colorful abstract works


selections and magic wand toolbox

You can select any of the areas of the applied path and then fill them with other colors (gradients, solid color etc) or you can also use adjustments to re-color the art.


additional paths added in white

You can add all kinds of paths to the art such as a white center


intense curved lines

You can use them to create intense line backgrounds / curved paths


adjustment blue

You can select any path of the twirl shapes and then use adjustments to re-color a part of the path


glow effects and blurs lines

Blurs can be added to the paths as well as other effects such as glows (camera raw filter)


frame shadows

You can use the twirls as a wonderful source for frames; you can also combine them with effects / layer effects


combine multiple layers

You can combine multiple vectors in any size to create any image or other layers and backgrounds


transformations added distort

The items can be added as a layer and can then be transformed and distorted and warped in 1000s of ways


styles shadows metallic effect

You can use all kinds of styles with the layers such as metallic effect above