graphicxtras.comFree / sampler / tryouts by Andrew Buckle

Free brushes for Photoshop, Krita, Affinity Photo, psp etc / samplers / tryouts

A selection of free brushes for use in Photoshop, CorelPaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo etc, all from and all for commercial use


3D brushes

Arc brushes

Arrow brushes

Arrow brushes

Art nouveau brushes

Christmas candles

Circle brushes

Crescent brushes

Cross brushes

Diamond brushes

Cloud brushes

Contour brushes

Dot brushes

Flower brushes

Frame brushes


Greek ornament brushes

Grid brushes

Heart brushes

Intense line brushes

Number brushes

Overlay brushes

Photo letter brushes

Polygon brushes

Radial brushes

Scroll brushes

Shield brushes etc

Spiral brushes

Swirl and flourish brushes

Triradial brushes

Vintage type brushes

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2. star and starry brushes

3. square brushes and rectangular brush strokes

4. spiral / curled brushes

5. globe and sphere brushes


1. how to use the brushes with the color modes / images modes such as RGB LAB etc

2. how to export the brushes for use in other applications such as Corel PaintShop Pro etc

3. how to use the brushes / brush strokes on layers in Photoshop

Other free sets

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2. free sampler mix of custom shapes for Photoshop and elements