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Free fonts

Selection of free fonts sets designs all for commercial use, all from graphicxtras.com


Free Arch themed font TTF file for Word, PSP, Pages etc

Free Arrow fonts for Photoshop, PSP etc all royalty free for your projects in most applications

Free Circles themed font for Illustrator, Photoshop etc

Free Button themed font for Illustrator, Affinity Photo etc

Free Checkerboard font shapes for Pages, Word, etc

Free Polygon shapes font for Pages, Photoshop, etc

Free Heart font shapes for Inkscape, Photoshop etc

Free Diagonal font shapes for Inkscape, PSP etc

Free Anglo saxon font shapes for Photoshop, etc

Free Zigzag font shapes for Photoshop etc


To find out more about the fonts as well as see other sets of designs please check out the specific sets such as twirl / and distorted font shapes and eps designs or waves and wavy font shapes and eps or vintage type / historical ornament and lettering font designs or the fonts sets and eps vector designs for Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Pages, Indesign etc


Other free material

You can find a large selection of freebie and sampler patterns for use in Photoshop, PSP, Indesign, etc