Selection of Video Tutorials for Photoshop / Illustrator

Updated: April 21st, 2015

Selection of Video tutorials for Photoshop / Illustrator etc

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If you are looking for freebies, please check out the freebie section / updated daily (or at least, every couple of days) You can also find many more free items via our shapes / brushes etc sections

Video tutorials

How to copy paths to all artboards in Illustrator (youtube video)

How to fade type in Photoshop using a single gradient (youtube tutorial)

How to create a Photoshop gradient zigzag (youtube tutorial)

How to copy items using the creative cloud (youtube tutorial)

How to use the bevel world tool in Painter (youtube tutorial)

How to warp type / text in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to import flames into Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to rotate custom shapes in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to use brick fill / scripts in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)

How to add flames on a path in Photoshop (youtube tutorial)