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Vintage Type Shapes Fonts / EPS inc. Anglo Saxon, 8th C, Roman, historical text designs

vintage type font shapes for PSP, Word etc Minerba

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Vintage Type & letter shapes / Minerba font shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Indesign, Pages, Word, Affinity Photo and others (Volume 170) 100 'Minerba' artworks TTF / EPS


You can find many additional vintage type sets such as vintage type and historical brushes as well as vintage type and antique themed custom shapes There are also many other type sets available on the site such as letter and alphabet custom shapes and letter type and alphabet patterns and seamless tiles


The vector vintage type font designs can be modified in numerous ways to create a vast range of amazing artworks and backgrounds and overlays and more. You can re-color the artworks using pattern designs such as metaball and stretch and pulling patterns and mark and black and white tile patterns and painted letter and alphabet patterns in charcoal and ink etc


You can modify the vintage type font designs in apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, FontLab etc and if you want to modify them further you can use tools such as the fontself extension. Find out more about them via our tutorials such as how to use Photoshop gradients GRD files with type / text combination tutorial

vintage type shapes text font set anglo saxon for psp, word etc vintage type font shapes

Buy Price: $7

Vintage Type fonts / Anglo Saxon shapes gallery (Volume 168) 100 'Battel' 9th Century Anglo-Saxon characters TTF / EPS

Buy Price: $7

Vintage Type Anglo Saxon 8th c gallery (Volume 142) 100 'Anglo-Saxon' letters including basic Anglo Saxon letters TTF / EPS

Buy Price: $7

8th C. font shapes gallery (Volume 136) 100 '8th century' characters set TTF / EPS

Buy Price: $7

Vintage type font gallery (Volume 61) 856 Letter / alphabet shapes / font TTF / EPS

Buy Price: $7

Rome font shapes gallery (Volume 135) 100 'Rome 8th century' characters TTF / EPS

purple animal vintage type font shapes vintage type font shapes vintage type font shapes vintage type font shapes vintage type font shapes vintage type font shapes