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Vintage Type / alphabet Custom Shapes for Photoshop and Elements

vintage type shapes / anglo saxon for Photoshop and elements

Vintage type / historical / antique / character / letter / text custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Photoshop elements. The vintage type custom shapes are for use on PC and Mac. The vintage type / historical letter custom shapes are for commercial and personal use, all royalty free, no credit required, all have been developed from public domain books by (19th century source books). The vintage type / historical letter custom shapes include many letter designs such as A B C D E F etc. The vintage type custom shapes include beautiful decorative designs for Anglo Saxon and Roman 8th Century period work. They can be used as shape layers as well as paths and fills. The Vintage type / historical letter designs can be combined. They can be blend with other work. You can add additional paths to the designs. You can use them to create new custom shapes. The vintage type / historical letter custom shapes can be set to any color. They can be transformed and warped in many ways. Access the vintage type letter shapes via the custom shapes tool / panel as well as the cookie cutter in Photoshop elements. On purchase of the vintage type custom shapes / letter artworks, you receive the artworks in CSH along with notes and gallery and serial. You can use them as a great source for brushes, backgrounds, frames, textures, patterns etc.

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 100 Anglo Saxon / Vintage CSH Anglo Saxon gallery V147.

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 100 Rome 8th C. Artwork CSH. Rome 8th c gallery V145.


vintage type anglo saxon shapes for Photoshop and elements vintage type shapes vintage type shapes

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You can re-color and modify the anglo saxon / vintage type designs in 100s of ways using fill colors / overlays such as pattern overlays and using seamless tile sets on the site such as metaball and colorful stretched patterns as well as type and character patterns and colorful Photoshop patterns collection (PAT format) tiles You can use the vintage type custom shapes with Photoshop styles / layer effects such as glows, satin effects etc to add amazing bevels and gradients etc.


You can find out more about the vintage type designs via our video tutorials on our graphicxtras channel.

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