Wave Custom Shapes for Photoshop and Elements flowing and curved designs royalty free

wave shapes for Photoshop and elements

Wave custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 etc and Photoshop Elements gallery (Volume 82) 160 Wave shapes / Artworks CSH and includes many different harlequin waves, circular waves, different thickness waves and more


There are also other wave sets such as wave / wavy / curved fonts and eps vector artworks (useful if you are looking for vector designs that can be used in other apps as well on the pc and mac) and the wave / harlequin brushes in PNG format You can use the wave shapes in different color models such as RGB - a tutorial how to use custom vector shapes in different color image modes such as LAB and RGB. You can use them with a number of different palette or panel options for the custom shapes (such as constrain and from center) as well as combine them with other shapes sets such as rosette / flower themed custom shapes and a set of unusual silhouette and sketched kid / children custom shapes You can distort and warp the wave custom shapes using displacement maps and distortions (such as Christmas themed distortions) and this is done via the Photoshop displace filter (quick guide to how to use the filter with displacement maps) to create even odder designs You can find more tutorials such as how to use the new search feature in Photoshop and help guide along with quick access to Adobe stock which is great in reminding you of any functionality in Photoshop as well as access to tutorials and photos. You can find many different and unique free custom shapes for commercial use in Photoshop and elements The wave custom shapes can be combined with the other sets in a near infinite number of ways and on purchase of the wave custom shapes you receive the CSH set along with notes and gallery and serial.

multiple wave shapes for Photoshop and elements wave shapes photoshop back wave shape wave shape wave shape wave shape

Photoshop wave shapes gallery (Volume 172) 100 Vector artworks CSH

wave shape wave shape wave shape

Wave shapes gallery (Volume 85) 100 Graphic designs CSH format

wave shape wave shape wave shape

Waves gallery (Volume 112) 100 Photoshop shapes CSH format

wave shape wave shape wave shape