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Zigzag Brushes for Photoshop, psp, Indesign, Pages etc inc. borders, dividers, lightning

rapid stroke zigzag brushes for Photoshop and elements

Buy Price: $7

100 Zigzag brushes

100 Zigzag brushes / Strokes including hi-impact calligraphic zigzags PNG as well as bonus ABR and includes many different zigzag brush strokes, thin zigzag brushes and more, all for commercial, all royalty free, all by graphicxtras.com Zigzag / lightning brushes for Photoshop, PSP, Pages, GIMP, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW, Photo-Paint etc gallery (Volume 93)


Buy Price: $7

75 Zigzag brushes

75 Artworks includes intense zigzag brushes, mixed, shadows, circular, intricate and many more. PNG format. Zigzag brushes gallery (Volume 216)


Buy Price: $7

100 Zigzag brushes

100 Wonderful strokes including glows, offsets dramatic lightning strikes, contours, outlines PNG ABR Check out presets in set (Volume 153)


Buy Price: $7

230 Zigzag brushes

230 Strokes including rapids, and intense, blurry, shadow, bevelled, mixed ABR only. Photoshop zigzag brushes gallery (Volume 2) - ABR

zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes


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Related sets such as intense zigzag fonts and eps shapes and the lightning and zigzag custom shapes


You can combine the zigzag brushes with other brushes such as chilly snowflake and winter scene brushes and jagged / intense criss cross brushes and lattice / line brushes You can re-color the zigzag brushes by using super colorful Photoshop gradients as well as using patterns such as stripe / line patterns and star and starry patterns and seamless tiles



1) how to make Photoshop brushes from a photo (perhaps of a lightning bolt)

2) how to create an intense line brush in Photoshop

3) how to use the new search feature in Photoshop

4) How to create a Photoshop zigzag custom shape in seconds tutorial


thin criss cross white zigzag brushes faint short zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes zigzag brushes