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Zoom Shapes / fonts / EPS inc. effect lines / manga for Pages, Word, etc

zoom font eps shapes manga effect lines

Zoom shapes / fonts are for use in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Affinity Photo, Photoshop, Painter, Photoshop elements and others. The zoom font shapes are for use on the pc and mac. The zoom font shapes include intense zoom shapes, manga themed zoom shapes, thick frame zoom shapes, rounded zoom shapes designs and more. The zoom shapes / fonts are all supplied in TTF truetype font format along with the same manga themed artworks in EPS format

BUY $7 (USD or Euros etc) • 92 Zoom shapes / effects lines / manga TTF / EPS Zoom gallery V4.

BUY $7 (USD or Euros etc) • 100 Vector designs TTF / EPS Zoom fonts gallery V205


zoom shapes font for PSP, Word, Pages, Indesign


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You can use the zoom artworks with other presets on this site such as rosette and floral patterns and a set of unusual oil and sketched painted star and sketched patterns designs and outline / edge and frame patterns etc. You can also use the zoom font shapes as a wonderful combination with vector designs for Corel Paintshop Pro preset shapes Vector designs for PSP) and the conversion can done to quickly convert the zoom font shapes into zoom preset shapes via the right click context menu and convert. You can also use the zoom font shapes in tools such as the powerful clip studio paint (formely known as manga studio etc).


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