Zoom / Manga custom shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: January 27th, 2015

zoom custom shapes for Photoshop and elements burst manga

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Zoom / manga shapes for Photoshop (#14)

500 Zoom custom shapes for Photoshop CS3 CS2 CS1 CS6 CS5 CS4 7 CC Elements (CSH) and includes manga, comics, focus, intense, jagged, scratchy dynamic effects, effect lines and more. Load the zoom shapes via the open command of PS and PS Elements.


The Photoshop zoom shapes are all vectors for any size of work.


The zoom shapes for Photoshop can be combined, re-colored, modified, scaled, transformed and more. Commercial (CU4CU) use, use them in countless projects such as manga, logos, books, adverts, videos, items for sale, cds, dvd covers, leaflets, ceramics, mugs, posters, fashions and more.


The zoom shapes are great for manga artworks. They are easy to install and use via open command as well as the preset manager and also the shapes palette load / replace commands. Amazing zoom Photoshop designs that can be combined in millions of ways for all your projects.


PC and MAC


CSH format - on purchase, you receive them along with documentation and gallery and serial

Zoom / manga shapes for Photoshop and Elements


dramatic hi-impact manga effect lines

You can use them with other paths and as they are vectors they can fill any size of work


duplicates of the source fill document

You can fill an entire image with duplicates of a single source vector


manga effect lines intense blue color

Zoom manga shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be applied in any color such as blue, above

zoom shapes manga combined yellow and blue overlap in Photoshop

You can use them multiple times and in different colors to create 100s of unique effect line designs in Adobe PS

manga psp retro white black fifties

The zoom / manga shapes can be applied in any number of combinations and colors to create fifties / retro look

 combined with other paths

They can be combined with other paths such as the white spot in the centre, a great frame

anime text and elements combined

They can be combined with text in millions of different ways - applied to the center or pasted into the image or along the path

manga  effects line effects glow

They can be combined with effects to add glows etc (such as the camera raw filter)