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Zoom Custom Shapes for Photoshop and Elements for great effect lines / Manga and frames

zoom shapes for Photoshop and elements intense

Buy Price: $7

Zoom / manga / effect line custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop Elements gallery (Volume 14) 500 Zoom shapes / Vector artworks CSH format and incude many different zoom shapes, intense zoom shapes, light zoom shapes for commercial and personal use, royalty free, all by graphicxtras.com

zoom shapes for Photoshop effects lines


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Related items include manga and effect line / zoom custom shapes and zoomburst fonts for Photoshop, psp etc as well as a lovely selection of super useful zoom themed fonts and eps vector designs and a raster set of images / layers as well as useful for patterns - zoom / effect line brushes


You can combine the zoom custom shapes in many different ways with other sets such as vintage type and historical text and character custom shapes and triradial / peace themed custom shapes and swirl / flourish custom shapes for Photoshop and elements and the zoom custom shapes can also be transformed in numerous ways via the warp tools as well as just scaled and rotated and you can modify the individual parts of the design to create ever more unique hi-impact work. You can fill the zoom custom shapes with brush strokes and effects as well as patterns such as 1080 Photoshop patterns collection (including glows and gradient themed patterns) and painted star patterns (sketched, charcoal, oil etc) as well as adding into the mix many different brush strokes and plugin effects such as the wonderful effects from thepluginsite / plugin galaxy etc. On purchase of the zoom custom shapes, you receive the CSH + gallery + notes + serial



You can find many different tutorials on Photoshop etc such as how to use brushes as layers in Photoshop CC 2017 2015 2014 etc and how to use gradients as a frames and borders to create amazing edge effects and for color themed tutorials for the zoom custom shapes etc such as how to fill / set color for custom shapes in Photoshop tutorial and for more utility purpose, a quick guide to how to use custom shape layers to create guides in Photoshop


zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes zoom custom shapes