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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

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A site devoted to producing amazing resources that you can use in all your Photoshop / PSP / Illustrator projects, and at a great price. Also, you can find a vast number of tutorials on the same products. You can also find many links to our video tutorials (which can be found mainly on Youtube and graphicxtras channel)


About graphicxtras.com, history, copyright, contact details, phone and other information on graphicxtras. Questions ? please email support@graphicxtras.com or call (+44. 1622 688 375 Site / images are (c) 1998-2021 By Andrew Buckle (graphicxtras). Products are by Andrew Buckle. The products can be purchased via the United States of America, Europe, Japan currency options on shareit as well as many other currencies. The items are download only though you can purchase a CD backup via shareit.com.

Here are the license details and what you can do with the products

Commercial (CU4CU), world wide use, no time limits, royalty free, no credit is required.

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Your details are not sent onto any third parties. On clicking the / purchase you are sent to secure Shareit.com / Element5, payment by Visa, Mastercard, Amex

By the way, here are a few pictures of me (actually they are the same picture but perhaps with a few effects added)

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Here is a rough history of the site and the previous sites

Development on the products started back in 1995, with the creation of what became the Andrew's Filters series (a 1000 plugins set) and that featured zillions of effects and was quite a popular series of tools though sadly a little out of date now as they were all for 32bit Photoshop etc. Followed by Sapphire Innovations, nozzles and frames development. From there, spent the last 10 years or so developing a large number of addons for Adobe ® Photoshop and Elements and Illustrator. Many of the products were, for a time, available on scrap booking sites such as digiwarehouse. For the future, probably more development of plugins and addons and selling via Adobe Exchange

Site copyright

Images and details © 1995-2021, Andrew Buckle. Items on the site are all copyright of Andrew Buckle


Any screenshots are shown with kind permission of the application owner.

All screenshots of Adobe products are with kind permission of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Any screenshots of Corel related products are with kind permission of Corel Corporation


Corel and PaintShop Pro and Painter are all trademarks or registered trademarks of Corel Corporation

Adobe and Photoshop and Illustrator and Premiere and After Effects are all trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Escape Motions and Rebelle and Flame Painter Pro are trademarks or registered trademarks of Escape Motions

Taxes / duties

You will be responsible for any tax / duties placed on orders by Government. However, if you purchase via our shareit.com then VAT will be charged if you are based in Europe as they collect the VAT on all their sales.


Always happy to contribute a review copy for magazines (or material for a cover mount CD)

Is your checkout secure ?

Yes, all are handled by shareit.com, part of myecommerce group

Can I get a refund on my purchase

Yes, of course. Please contact us and will sort out a refund. Please contact us and discuss it as it is possible that an alternative product can be supplied or an easy fix is possible.

Can I purchase with PayPal ? Visa ? Mastercard ? cheques, debit card, etc

Yes. There are many payment options and PayPal is one of them.

How can I see all the items included in the set

In most cases, just click the product name link beneath the product image on our pages - the link will then show a Thumbnails / image gallery included in the set

Do you have any free samplers

Most of the pages have free samples or links to the free samplers - they are listed as samplers, etc and you can use them to tryout our various products as well as use the items in commercial (CU4CU) use

Can I use you items to sell my own products such as a T-shirt etc or ceramics or wallpaper patterns etc

Yes, you can use the designs in many different things and sell the created items.

Will the items work in PS Elements ? Paint Shop Pro ? Illustrator

The listings often only mention something like PS Elements but not the numerous versions or the platforms (most work with PC and MAC). any doubts, please contact us or even better, use the free samplers to tryout the items and check that they work in your favourite application

Have you got any video tutorials ? How do I use the items

There are now over 1000+ video tutorials available (by graphicxtras) on Youtube

Currencies ? do you accept Yen etc

Yes, shareit.com accept a vast range of different currencies. You might see the price as USD 3.99 etc on our site but on that site, you can see the actual price and the various taxes etc

Trademarks for all the items on the site

Photoshop and Adobe and After Effects and Premiere and Freehand are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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Other product's trademarks are either registered trademark or trademarks of their respective owners.

We have no relationship whatsoever with any of the companies mentioned above (Adobe, Apple)


Adobe product screen shot(s) reprinted with permission from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

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We have no relationship with those companies and the screenshots are for demonstration purposes only


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Links to various sites such as Adobe

.PSD magazine - Fine magazine about computer graphics

Adobe - for all the best graphics software

NAPP Photoshop user site for membersGreat site for computer graphics professionals. There is a discount coupon on NAPP for our products

http://www.cybia.co.uk for amazing plugins - Brilliant site for paint tools/ filters / poser material, also check out Steve's other site for books and magazines.

Harry's site - Great selection of filters

Tinne Debruijne - ceramist - a wonderful site full of beautiful ceramic.

Mix Online - Useful free AI filter for AI to htm5 canvas

Poserworld - superb 3D poser models to download (depending on membership subscription)

Plug-ins lists

http://www.bestplugins.com/articles/illustrator-plugins.html An interesting selection of notes for swatches etc