Corner tool in Affinity Designer tutorial

The corner tool in Affinity Designer is accessed via the toolbar. It can be used with all kinds of paths

Corner tool in Affinity Designer

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  1. Select corner tool (found in Affinity Designer toolbar)

  2. Select a path using the move tool or use corner tool itself

  3. Select a sharp node with the corner tool (doesn't work with smooth corners)

  4. Drag cursor to modify the corner (you will see a red circle showing the size in Affinity Designer)


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Options : optionsrounded type

straight type

concave type

cutout type

set radius


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You can use it with all kinds of artworks with sharp points such as stars and polygons etc


Drag : starsSelect a sharp node with the tool (works only with sharp pointed nodes - two lines coming to a sharp point) - it will only work with the nodes that are displayed with a little square.


Drag to a tangent to the sharp corner (though you can drag in a number of directions but the result of the drag and the generated preview circle showing the corner will be the same).


You can then see a circle that will grow bigger or smaller depending how far you move from the original node point. You will find it will only go so far and will stop when you have reached the maximum smoothness / curve.


Interactive features : interactiveYou can interactively modify the artwork. You can set the radius etc via the top bar but the interactive features and indicators are super easy to use.


As you change the radius you will see a circle grow as the radius increases. It is a small red circle indicator.


Move away from the original point and you will see a blue square and circle left.



Repeat use : repeatYou can use it multiple times on the same node. You can keep selecting and changing your mind. You can move the node or any of the selected nodes away from the original point.


The circle indicator for the curve will get bigger as you move away from the original point. If it stops then you can no longer smooth or curve the design but you can always re-approach the original point and the circle will shrink.


If you select multiple points then you will find that the circles will all reach a certain size and then stop and that will probably be much smaller than with any single node.


Restore to sharp node : restoreYou can simply double click the 'original node' point (the blue square) and the node will be returned to a sharp node.


You will see it as a solid node point instead of a hollow one


Select the entire artwork to change all : selectedTo change all the sharp nodes into smooth / curved nodes, select all the points of the shape by selecting the entire shape.


You can see all the nodes are selected in the image of the star on the right. You can then change this design in many ways


Now all the points are selected, you can interactively change all the sharp points in seconds (actually it is good fun to see the shape mold before your eyes).


You can also also use the selected points with the radius slider which can be found in the top bar of the application. If a point is already a smooth / curved node, the point will be unchanged


Set the radius settings instead : radiusYou don't have to use the interactive approach by changing the radius of the corner on the actual shape, you can also just change the radius via the slider along the top of the application (just next to the radius type).


The value can be increased to the maximum point for the curve and no more


Type settings : nodesThe default type is none and that can also be used to restore it back to the sharp node - simply select the none and things will be back before using the feature.


The other types are






The type can be changed interactively and the result will be seen with the current selected node. The other nodes do not change (any nodes not selected).


Bake them : bakeTo turn all the nodes into standard curves then click the bake button at the top of the application. If they are not selected, they will not be converted into standard curves by the bake functionality


Once you have clicked the bake, the path cannot be used as before.


You can then use the node feature to modify the curved design in countless ways such as distort the artwork and more


Use with type / text : curvesYou can use it with type / text as well. You can use the right click context menu command 'convert to curves' to convert type / text into curves and by selecting all the nodes (sharp as well as smooth), you can then use the it to curve and smooth type.


The result can result in a radically different character design. You can then export the result for use in apps such as FontLab as well as the Fontself extension in Illustrator and a new font can be generated.


Rectangles : rectangleThere is a similar feature if you select the rectangles and rounded rectangles. A single radius checkbox is available and if de-selected then you can alter the radius for the top left etc


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