How to use grid in Affinity Designer tutorial

How to display the grid in Affinity Designer as well as change the settings

Grid in Affinity Designer

how to use grid affinity designer show
  1. View menu in Affinity Designer

  2. Show grid (to show or hide the Affinity Designer grid)

  3. View menu

  4. Grid and axis manager

  5. Set automatic grid to OFF

  6. Use basic grid

  7. Set the spacing

  8. Set the number of divisions between the main grid lines

  9. Set the color of the lines

  10. Set the color of the subdivision lines

  11. Set the opacity for both (as required)

  12. Use the grid

axis manager

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can always use the default or automatic grid as displayed in the grid and snapping axis settings. If you want to tweak things, you can via the grid and axis manager


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isometricYou can always just use the basic settings but there are a vast range of other types of lines which can be used with technical drawing etc.


Click the advanced tab. Set the type to something other than standard such as isometric, trimetric, triangular, two axis etc. Depending on the type, some settings will be disabled. Set uniform or not. Set first axis settings. Set angle if available. Set gutter if available. Set second axis if available. Set additional snapping axis setup.


All kinds of amazing layouts can be created and then used with snapping and objects



snappingSnapping objects to the layout - Go to the snapping panel along top bar of Affinity Designer. Enable snapping. Set snap to grid ON. Go to the pen tool in the toolbar / box. Click on lines to add points (you will see a little indicator for the snapping)


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