How to use the grid in Affinity Photo tutorial

How to display the grid in Affinity Photo and use the features and set the options for the tool

Grid in Affinity Photo

How to use the grid in Affinity Photo tutorial
  1. File (in Affinity Photo)

  2. Open document to be used with the grid

  3. View menu

  4. Show grid

  5. View menu

  6. Grid and Axis Manager (for the settings)

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


It can be used to create objects and snapping to a predefined layout.


You can use the layout with images and then use that image and layout to create a sketch / drawing / painting. You can use the layouts to align text and objects and much more in AP


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hideTo hide the layout in AP: View menu followed by Show grid, which then hides the currently displayed one. If there is nothing there then it does the opposite



basicTo set the settings in AP (basic). Go to the view menu and then to the grid and axis manager and use automatic option. Show grid set to ON. Set spacing to 100px or 600px etc (make certain that the opacity makes the lines visible). Set the divisions to 10 etc (make certain that the opacity for sub divisions allows them to be visible). Set the color of the lines. Set the color of the subdivision lines. Set the opacity for both types of line. Link the color for the lines if required. Close



advancedFor more advanced setups in AP. You can set a whole lot more advanced lines for setting up layouts for your images by clicking the advanced tab and you can then have








two axis etc


As well as a number of variants such as changing aspect, gutter, angle etc


It should be noted that some of the types do not allow for the full range of settings to be used.


snappingSnapping is a great way to create all kinds of imagery and AP have added a ton of wonderful options for snapping. Once you have added your layout, you can also use the snapping features included in AP. To do this, goto to the view menu and then the Grid and axis manager. Make certain the use automatic grid is OFF. Goto the Advanced tab. Select the 2:1 isometric. Set the spacing. Set the gutter. Set the divisions. Click close. Go to the snapping at the top of AP and Enable snapping ON. Make certain the snapping to grid is ON. Goto the Pen tool in Affinity Photo toolbox. Click at the intersections of the lines


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