Arrow fonts

Arrow shapes / fonts / EPS for Microsoft Word, PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, QuarkXpress etc.

Arrow fonts

TTF / EPS. Download. Price :$6.49 US Dollars


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They are all in vector format so they can be used small scale as well as large scale, use in documents, use on boards, use as icons and much more.


Free sampler set of designs for your projects - please feel free to download and use


The arrow font shapes sets include many different artworks such as rounded, thin line art, different heads, different tails, circular art, triangular designs, hollow artworks, frame themed work, dashes, pointing devices, cursor designs, indicators, shafts, darts bolt designs, spikes, projectiles and many more. The arrow font shapes are easy to load and apply via the typeface dropdown of many applications, simply select the type tool (or text tool, the name often varies) and then go to the typeface dropdown and scroll through the list and select the purchased set. To generate the arrow font shapes in the correct color and size simply select the color and size as you would with A B C etc in the application. Once the arrow font shapes has appeared it can then be re-sized and re-colored as well as have effects etc applied to the design. Multiple designs can be generated this way. In many applications, you can also generate the arrow font shapes via glyphs panels and that maybe an easier way to access all the artworks in the TTF set. You can also simply just use the EPS supplied artworks and place or open them as normal images into the application. The set is supplied with the designs in truetype TTF as well as EPS. The EPS vector artworks can be loaded via the file open and file place command etc but it should be noted that in many tools the results will be rasterized so if you wish to use the art as a vector design, the typeface is still the best way. If you use Illustrator or Inkscape or Affinity Designer, the arrow font shapes will still remain as vector artworks and the arrow font artworks can be manipulated in countless ways such as adding additional points and tweaking the existing points or smoothing the designs and also adding additional paths to the existing design. If you are using some applications, the results can also be saved as a new truetype or open type file. You can add all kinds of strokes to the arrow font shapes such as dashes and dots as well as variable width profiles. You can add gradients and patterns to the strokes as well (all depend on the application so if you using a very basic tool some of those features may not be available). The arrow font shapes can be used in commercial use, all royalty free, all by / Andrew Buckle. On purchase of the sets, you receive the artworks along with the gallery and serial and notes. You can use all the work in your projects to create backgrounds, textiles, fabrics, clothes, flyers, documentation, illustration, 3D models, posters, record covers, book covers, magazines and much more. If you have any questions about the uses, please check out our license with gives a lot more details about the uses but there are no limits. No credit is required either. All the arrow font shapes were created in Illustrator using a varierty of tools in that app. The results were then converted into TTF and the separate EPS files. You can combine the art with other paths so totally unique designs can be created in numerous apps. You can duplicate the art and combine the results. You can usem as an amazing source for native presets (generally just expand or outline the type) as well as a source for brushes and patterns and displacements. You can add effects to the artworks. You can use them as smart objects. You can use the arrow shapes / fonts in animations via features such as the video timelines in applications such as Photoshop. You can re-color the graphics with solid colors as well as gradients and patterns as well as using them as selections and filling the result with images and effects and brush strokes and more. You can use them as hi-impact masks and frame elements. The arrow font shapes can be warped and distorted and transformed (scaled as well as rotated and sheared) in numerous ways but this depends on the app. You can find a lot more about the type / text via our youtube Video tutorials (graphicxtras channel)


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