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Arrow custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

arrow shapes for Photoshop and elements extruded on orangeArrow custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements. The arrow custom shapes are all amazing vector designs for any size of work. The arrow custom shapes sets for Photoshop include rounded artworks, triangular themed artworks, different arrow heads and tails, basic sharp designs and many more.

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Looking for arrow fonts or arrow brushes or arrow patterns


The arrow shapes are for commercial use, all are royalty free, all by


They are vector designs that can be edited and distorted in countless ways and re-sized to any size. The vector artworks can be combined to create millions of artworks. You can add effects and filters to create unique arrow shapes. You can re-color the arrow custom shapes in Photoshop using adjustment layers as well as properties such as adding gradients and patterns. You can use them as selections. You can use them as masks. The artworks can be also be used multiple times. You can blend them. You can also use them as images. You can use them as layers.


You can use the arrow custom shapes as a great source for brushes and patterns and displacements. An unique selection of sets of arrow custom shapes and all unique.


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2. how to draw an arrow in Photoshop (brush strokes etc) tutorial

Sources and resources

1. Arrows on wikipedia


Install arrow shapes

  1. Download the arrow shapes zip file after purchase

  2. Unzip the set using stuffit expander etc

  3. Select the arrow custom shapes file

  4. Copy and paste into the presets shapes folder

  5. Start Photoshop

  6. Select the custom shapes tool from the toolbar

  7. Goto to the panel and right side menu and select the arrows set

  8. Replace / load confirm

  9. Select arrow design and apply in current color / style etc

Instant metallic arrow

metallic arrow tool preset in photoshop
  1. Goto to the custom shapes tool

  2. Select shape layer option for the arrow

  3. Select an arrow shape from the custom shapes panel

  4. Draw the arrow shape on document

  5. Select a style such as metallic style (via the web styles presets) via the styles panel (right side menu of styles panel and select web styles if not available)

  6. Goto the far left corner and tool presets

  7. Right side menu and New tool preset

  8. Give it a name and have include color ON

  9. To use, select the tool preset at any point and apply the metallic arrow


Photoshop shapes into brushes tutorial


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