How to create tiles from strokes

How to create patterns using Photoshop brushes in CC 2018 - CS5 etc.

Patterns from Photoshop brushes

How to create patterns from Photoshop brushes tutorial
  1. Open new document in Photoshop for the pattern

  2. Select brush tool in Photoshop toolbar

  3. Select color via toolbox / foreground color and select brush

  4. Apply dabs as required (avoiding the edges of the image)

  5. Filter

  6. Other menu and offset (set to 1/2 height and 1/2 width of the image) to shift design for tile

  7. Apply more dabs (again avoiding the edges of the image)

  8. Edit menu

  9. Define pattern command (to create the pattern from the brush strokes)

You can create an infinite number of designs using the strokes with PS and PS Elements.


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Avoid the edges : seamsThe key thing for the creation of a seamless tile / creation of patterns with brushes in Photoshop or any other application is that you avoid adding any strokes / dabs to the seams of an image.


I say avoid the edges, but it is all ok if you do go over the edges if the opposite sides match. Sadly there is no wrapping around paint feature in PS (unlike the define command in Painter or seamless tile mode in PaintStorm Studio).


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Offset filter to shift design :

offsetYou can create basic patterns from Photoshop brushes in seconds without the need of the offset filter but the offset filter does make it even easier to create more complex as well as colorful designs in PS.


You can find the offset filter in the "other" section of Photoshop (not sure why it has been consigned there)


When you have the offset panel displayed, click the wrap around check and set the horizontal and vertical to 50% and -50% (though this doesn't really matter but more of a convention to place the artwork edges in the center)


You can repeat apply the offset filter multiple times when applying Photoshop brushes to create your pattern. Of course, you can also vary the horizontal and vertical settings in between applying the designs and then applying the offset filter


Define tile : defineOnce you have created your pattern created via the Photoshop brushes, you can then use the define command found in the edit menu


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Once you have defined the tile, you can then go back and add more Photoshop brushes and then create a new pattern again and again.


Brushes and textures : Once you have your tile, you can now go to the brushes settings panel and go to the texture section and select the tile. You can then use the Photoshop brush with tile to create even more unique patterns.


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