Basic custom shapes

Basic custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop elements.

Basic shapes

CSH format


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 100 Basic shapes V192 Basic shapes for Photoshop / Elements


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 230 Mixed graphics V63 gallery


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 100 Graphic designs V151 gallery


The sets include many designs such as masks, diamonds, asterisks, fish designs, outlines, frames, abstract designs, circular artwork and more.


Free sampler set of designs for you to download and use in your projects


The sets are for use on the PC and mac. The basic custom shapes are all quickly accessed via the shapes panel and the custom shapes tool in Photoshop toolbar. They can also be accessed via the cookie cutter tool in Elements. You can also use all the presets as powerful blurring tools via the shape blur filter in Photoshop. The basic Photoshop custom shapes set is supplied in CSH format along with gallery and serial and notes. The basic custom shapes for Photoshop are all vectors for any size of work. You can use them in any color so you can add the artworks in solid colors as well as gradients and also patterns and if you use them as paths you can also convert those to selections and fill with images as well as gradients and brush strokes and type and effects. You can combine the basic Photoshop shapes in many ways. You can use them as layers and as images. You can turn the Photoshop basic custom shapes into brush strokes as well as amazing patterns and displacements. You can use them once or multiple times. The basic custom shapes in Photoshop can blend them with other paths using combinations of blending modes such as darken, lighten, overlay etc. Don't be fooled by the name 'basic'... they still have a vast range of great designs included in the sets. On purchase of the sets you receive the artworks along with gallery and serial and notes



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