How to capture papers in Painter tutorial

Learn how to capture papers in Corel Painter 2012 2015 2017 2018 X3 etc.

Capturing papers in Painter

capturing paper grains in Painter tutorial
  1. Open image in Corel Painter or use current image (especially if it is a great source for a texture / paper / design) - it can be in gray or color etc

  2. Go to select menu and set ALL.

  3. Go to the papers panel (found via the paper panels in the window menu)

  4. Goto right side menu

  5. Capture paper.


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


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Source material : defineCorel Painter can use an image as well as text and tiles etc for its source material to capture Painter papers / textures - it is amazingly flexible. All the our PNG images for patterns and textures on the site are seamless so the design will also be seamless but if you use your own image, the result may not be seamless.


You can create your own designs to use as source material and the easiest way to create that is to use the pattern panel where you can set the right side menu to define pattern (the result means any brush strokes are seamless tiles).


You can then use the brush strokes to stars, hoses, spots and dots etc to create all kinds of tiles and they can be then used as source for your artwork.


Of course, you don't need to make the tile seamless, it can be just any image and just select the area.


Selection of source material : panelThe key thing is to select something - you need to select something to capture papers in Painter. You don't need to select the entire image. If you have created a seamless tile then it is probably best to use the selection tools to select the entire image and use select all. Go to the papers panel and right side menu and capture. Give it a name and set the crossfade (to 0). You can also store a custom icon via the same menu.


Settings : You can set the



brightness for the tile


They are all pretty useful and can make quite a difference when used with various tools throughout the application as well as via brush strokes.


Use the grains in a variety of tools : surfaceYou can apply the resources in many parts of Painter 2018 2017 2016 2015 etc such as


Apply surface texture

Brush strokes

Color overlay

Glass distortion

Apply screen

Express texture etc


As well as use selections with the resources so all the effects can use that - even apply lighting


Grain : grainsA key panel connected with Painter papers / texture capture is 'grain'


Go to the panel via the brush control panels in the window menu. You can control the jitter of the grain, the smoothness of the jitter, give it random grain rotation and much more.


Flow maps : When you have your current resource, you can now go to the flow maps panel and right side menu and use the create from current resource command. Flow maps are pretty amazing, so it is a win-win


Textures : You can also use the textures panel and store the same design and use it with the new textures feature


Export library : If you want to permanently save this resource then I would suggest going to the resource's libraries panel and right side menu and export library.


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