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Checkerboard custom shapes for Photoshop / Elements

checkerboard shapes for Photoshop and elements

Checkerboard / check custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and elements. The checkerboard custom shapes are in standard CSH format and are supplied with notes and gallery and serial. The checkerboard custom shapes are easy to use and apply via the custom shapes tool in the Photoshop toolbar as well as via the cookie cutter in Photoshop elements. The checkerboard custom shapes can be used as a layer as well as paths and fills. They can be set to any color. They can be edited in countless ways by using direct selection tool. You can apply them once or multiple times. The sets include many different checkerboard custom shapes such as rounded designs, frame checkerboard shapes, letters, outline shapes, diamond checkerboard custom shapes, ring checkerboards and more. You can add effects to the artwork. You can add layer styles to the checkerboard custom shape layers. You can use the checkerboard custom shape paths in Illustrator. They can be distorted and transformed and warped and perspective applied and sheared. You can use the checkerboard Photoshop custom shapes as a great source for brushes and patterns and displacements and more

Checkerboard sets to purchase

Sets are $7.79 (also GBP, etc) each (or other currencies), CSH format, downloads


BUY 100 Checkerboards (V168) Checkerboard shapes for Photoshop / Elements


BUY 220 Artworks (V40) Checkerboard custom shapes for Photoshop / Elements

checkerboard custom shapes whitecheckerboard custom shapes rotation designcheckerboard custom shapes rounded greencheckerboard custom shapes arrowblack checkerboard shapescheckerboard perspective shapecheckerboard shapes warpedintense checkerboard shapesrounded designinverted designshadow designcombined photoshop checkerboard shape

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