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Circle patterns for Photoshop, Elements, psp ...

curved artworks for psp retro design circle patterns for Photoshop and psp

Circle patterns for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Photoshop Elements and Affinity Photo and CorelDRAW and PSP and others. The circle patterns sets includes many different circular themed artworks including colorful circle patterns, retro circle patterns, painted pattern circles, black and white circle patterns with transparency and more. All the artworks are for PC and MAC. The circle patterns are for commercial use, all are royalty free, all are by The circle patterns are in PNG format (as well as bonus PAT). The circle patterns can be colored and modified by adjustment layers such as turning them into black and white designs or golden or sepia circle pattern artworks. You can use the circle patterns with effects and filters to radically change the designs (use as smart objects etc). They can also be combined in millions of ways. You can use the circle patterns with blending modes and opacity (as well as with the transparency in the pattern) to blend the patterns with other pattern designs as well as layers and background designs. The circle pattern sets also include a gallery and serial and notes.

Circle patterns to purchase

$7.79 (also GBP, etc) per set, download


BUY 100 Circle patterns PNG (V103) Circle patterns for Photoshop, Elements, Krita ... [browse]


BUY 100 Distress circles PAT / PNG (V91) Circle patterns for Elements, PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo ... [browse]


BUY 50 Painted Tiles PAT / PNG (V73) Circle painted patterns for Clip Studio Paint, Photoshop ... [browse]


BUY 100 Circles PAT / PNG (V72) Circle patterns for Krita, GIMP, PSP...


BUY 100 Circle patterns PAT / PNG (V27) Circle patterns for CorelDRAW, Painter, PSP ...


BUY 100 Circle Tiles PNG /EPS (VB244) Circle patterns for Photoshop, Affinity Photo ... [browse]

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How to access the circle patterns as a fill layer

  1. Goto the layer menu in Photoshop

  2. New fill layer (select the pattern option)

  3. Select the dropdown patterns panel

  4. Go to the right side menu and select the circle patterns set (using load and replace to browse for the circle patterns)

  5. Select the circle pattern to use

  6. Set the scale for the pattern (25% etc)

  7. OK

Freebie patterns

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Circle patterns

You can modify the circle patterns in countless ways with masks such as gradients and brushes. You can use the circle patterns as powerful textures for the brush tools. You can also use them as basic textures by exporting them as PSD files for use as displacements and textures/ You can add additional paths to the circle patterns. They can be used as a wonderful set of seamless frame designs and edge effects. You can use the circle patterns as a superb source for all kinds of unique brushes. You can use them as a wonderful source of images and layers in Photoshop and other applications. All are seamless tiles for any size of work. You can use the circle patterns as a great source for fills and strokes with custom shapes.


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