Circle patterns

curved artworks for psp retro design circle patterns for Photoshop and psp

Circle patterns for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and Elements and Affinity Photo and CorelDRAW and PSP and others.

Circle patterns


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Buy $4.50 100 Distress tile artworks, commercial use PAT / PNG V91 gallery


Buy $4.50 50 Painted Tiles PAT / PNG V73 gallery


Buy $4.50 100 Stunning themed designs for your projects PAT / PNG V72 gallery


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The sets includes




painted designs


black and white



rough designs

and many more


All the artworks are for PC and MAC. They are for commercial use, all are royalty free, all are by


They are in PNG format (as well as bonus PAT).


They can be colored and modified by adjustment layers such as turning them into black and white designs or golden or sepia artworks. You can also just apply the adjustments to the design using the source material so if you have an artwork in red and wish it to be blue, just use the adjustments to change the tile artwork


You can use them with layer effects such as bevel and drop shadow and glows etc and filters to radically change the designs (use as smart objects etc). They can also be combined in millions of ways.


You can use them with blending modes and opacity (as well as with the transparency in the pattern) to blend the patterns with other pattern designs as well as layers and background designs. The sets also include a gallery and serial and notes.


You can modify them in countless ways with masks such as gradients and brushes. You can use them as powerful textures for the brush tools. You can also use them as basic textures by exporting them as PSD files for use as displacements and textures


You can add additional paths to the artworks such as adding ellipses and polygons and stars as well as other custom shapes or imported vectors from tools such as Illustrator.


They can be used as a wonderful set of seamless frame designs and edge effects.


You can use them as a superb source for all kinds of unique brushes so simply select a design such as a fill and then add in black or gray or even white to the artboard and then add some effects and then go to the edit menu and define the brush stroke. Once you have the brush defined, you can then modify it with the settings such as adding scatter etc. You can also combine the circular tile design into the stroke via the textures section.


You can use them as a wonderful source of images and layers in Photoshop and other applications. All are seamless tiles for any size of work. You can use them as a great source for fills and strokes with custom shapes.


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