How to make concentric circles in Photoshop tutorial

How to create a concentric circles (random color contour) in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 etc tutorial.

Concentric color circles in Photoshop.

How to make concentric circles in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Select the Photoshop ellipse tool for use to create the circular concentric contour random color filled design

  2. Set shape layer option

  3. Set color and create circle by holding down shift

  4. Duplicate layer

  5. Edit menu and transform and set the scale to 95% or 90% etc and change color of the circle via properties panel

  6. Repeat duplicate and transform multiple times to create multiple concentric circles in Photoshop

  7. Set color via properties again and repeat all the way to the center of the concentric circles

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Contour effect : basicCreate an initial circle. You can then use the properties panel to change the color of the object. This can then be duplicated via the layers panel and duplicate layer (as long as you use the layer option) - there is no default shortcut for the duplicate (not sure why) but you can quickly add one via the edit menu and that will speed things up. You can then go to the edit menu and transform and scale and set the scale to 95% for the path and then change the color of that layer via the properties panel.


This can be repeated over and over to create a contour design. You can, of course, select the paths and shift them or alter them in different ways perhaps by using the direct selection tool.


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Save to CC library : librariesYou can select all the artwork and then define it as a smart object via the layer menu and smart objects. You can also save the artwork to the CC library for future use. You can also use the various adjustments to modify the artwork such as turn it blue or invert the design and more. You can use the artwork then multiple times in your projects.


Use masks to alter design : maskUse masks or selections to cut the paths in half or quarters etc to create many different artworks from the same basic graphic. Select the artwork layer and then go to the layer menu and then layer mask and reveal all. Select the layer mask thumbnail. Add a pixel design to the layer mask such as gradient or star etc


Use brushes : brushesCreate a new layer via the layer menu. Go to the general brushes and select one of the very basic round brushes. Set the size to a little less than the document. Set the hardness via the brush panel to 100%. Now set the color for the stroke to orange or any other color via foreground color. Go to the brushes settings panel via the window menu and then set the shape dynamics and size jitter to 100% and go to the color dynamics and set the hue and saturation jitter to a large value.


Go to the middle of the document and click the document with brush tool. Don't move the mouse, just click multiple times till you are happy with the design. Take the layer and go to the layers menu and smart object and convert to smart object and then duplicate it via the alt / option key and repeat. Fill the design with multiple copies and re-color as you wish via the image menu and adjustments


May take a few attempts as the size jitter may generate a stroke and overlay all the other colors. To avoid this, use a blending mode for the brush such as difference or darken.


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