Affinity Photo Contour Text Color Effect Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

Add colorful contour designs to your text in Affinity Photo, how to create contours and combine with macros to create amazing punchy text designs for your work, how to warp, how to re-color etc.

** Youtube video tutorial on contour stroke text colorful effect in Affinity Photo to create amazing colorful contoured text using macros as well as layer effects **

contour text and layers panel in affinity Photo

1. Start point for the contour text effect in Affinity Photo

Goto the artistic text tool and create some text / type for the document. The key panels to use for this can be found in the view menu and studio - select the layers panel and the macros panel.

contour text and layers and macro panel displayed

2. Macro for the contour text - Record

You can do this effect manually, of course, but generally macros make it easier and reproducible. You can also save this to your library for future work.

macro panel and the record button

Go to the macro panel and go to the top and click the record.

3. Layer effects / outline for contour text

With the text selected go to the layers panel and go down to the bottom of the panel and click the 'effects' button.

effects button on the layers panel

This is being recorded and will be reproduced if you re-run the macro. The panel will display the 'outline' option on the left side, click that tick box and then set the radius as well as the alignment (outside) and fill color of solid color and set the color. Click close

contour text outline option outside

4. Rasterize the contour text and outline effect

Goto the layer menu and rasterize command and deselect the preserve layer 'effects' box (this has to be repeated each and every time as you can only have one stroke per layer).

rasterise the text and layer effect click the preserve off

5. Repeat the steps of adding effects and rasterize

Repeat the previous step of clicking the 'effects' button and set the color and radius etc and then go to the rasterize and deselect preserve and repeat and repeat as many times as you wish with different (or the same) radius settings though always remember to change the color so perhaps go red, green, blue, purple, yellow etc or perhaps use the swatches etc to add a more consistent color or perhaps go black, white, black, white, black etc

contour text macro recording outline

6. Stop recording the outline effect and rasterize

Once you have decided that you have created enough, goto the macro panel and stop the recording by clicking the button next to the recording button. You can also now save it to the library panel if you wish to re-use it in future or you can reset it in the macro to clear the macro.

stop recording button on the macro panel in affinity photo

7. Apply the contour / outline effect to your text

You can now apply the macro to the selected text and you will end up with the same contour. You can also create some new text and then apply the macro to that.

play button on the macro panel contour text effect applied multiple times in affinity photo

8. Additional tweaks to the contour text effect such as deform

Once you have your contour design, you can also then apply effects to it such as filters menu and deform or mirror or perhaps use the live filters layers to add different effects such as twirl filter effects as well as deform filter effect and blur filter effects etc. You can also then go to the layer menu and run the new pattern layer from selection.

contour text warped and distorted using the deform filter in affinity photo

9. Re-color the contour text

You can select the contour text layer and then go to the layer menu and new adjustment layer and select HSL etc and then re-color the design such as turning all the reds to greens etc. You can also add adjustments such as black and white to turn the design into black and white. You can also select the mask thumbnail for the adjustment layer and then adjust only part of the text.

contour text and adjustment layers added in affinity photo to change the hue and saturation of the layer