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Diamond brushes for Photoshop / PSP / Elements ...

diamond brushes for Photoshop and elements

Diamond brushes are for Photoshop, Photoshop elements, GIMP, PaintShop Pro, Krita, Affinity Photo, Photo-paint, etc. The diamond brushes are for the PC and mac. The diamond brushes include many different artworks such as overlay diamond brushes, outline diamond brushes, colorful diamond brushes, rounded diamond themed brushes etc. You can use them in commercial as well as personal work, all are royalty free, all the diamond brushes were created by Andrew Buckle / The diamond brushes are all supplied in PNG format as well as other formats (see the listing) and the set also includes notes and gallery of all the artworks included and serial number. The vector EPS and PNG files can be quickly converted in ABR as well as for use as diamond patterns etc as well.

Diamond brushes to purchase

Sets are $7.79 (also GBP, etc) each, all are downloads via


BUY 150 Diamonds PNG EPS (V163) gallery


BUY 100 Artworks PNG / ABR (V25) gallery

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How to load the diamond brushes into Photoshop

  1. Download the diamond brushes ABR set

  2. Place the ABR diamond brushes into the presets 'brushes' folder

  3. Start Photoshop

  4. Select a brush tool

  5. Go to the brushes panel

  6. right side menu and select the diamond brushes

  7. select a diamond brush

  8. select color via the toolbar

  9. apply the diamond brush (and set the settings via the brush panel such as scattering etc)