Dinosaur Shapes / Fonts / brushes for Photoshop, Elements, psp and others

Dinosaur graphics for your projects (Photoshop brushes, shapes), license commercial use

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Date updated: May 16th, 2023

Font / eps

dinosaur font

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Image gallery: 100 Dinosaur shapes - Dinosaurs font for Word, Indesign, PSP and others (Volume 130)

100 Dinosaur shapes including T-Rex shape designs, realistic dinosaur shapes, cartoon shapes, scratchy, silhouettes dinosaur shapes and many more. Perfect for a prehistoric scene, perfect for a Hollywood movie for Microsoft Word, Xpress, Indesign, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Apple Pages, PaintShop Pro and many other applications The dinosaur font shapes are for PC and MAC (to install the dinosaur shapes / designs, simply add the font set to the control panel on the PC or use the fontbook application on the MAC). The dinosaur designs are vectors for any size of work. They can be re-colored, combined, blended, exported and more. The set includes the shapes in TTF true type font format and EPS vector shapes format. Commercial use, all royalty-free - use the dinosaur font shapes to create items for sale such as prehistoric diaries, logos, books and more. See all the designs in the set via the thumbnail gallery link above

Brushes / images


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Image gallery: 100 Dinosaur brushes for Photoshop and Elements and PSP and WordPress and others (Volume 85)

100 Dinosaur brushes are all scratchy / cartoon dino brushes / silhouette dinosaur brushes / realistic dinosaur brushes designs / tyrannosaurus rex brushes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3, CS2, CS1, 7 6 + Adobe Photoshop Elements + PaintShop Pro + GIMP + Indesign + Photo-Paint and others. The dinosaur brushes / images are for PC (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP) and MAC OS X. Use the renders in many different projects such as on websites, books, ceramics, plates, textiles, fashions, posters, parts of logos, adverts and others. The Pre-historic set includes the designs in ABR (standard Photoshop brushes format) and PNG - you can also convert them to TIFF and JPG (you can convert them using a variety of different commercial applications as well as freeware apps). Commercial use dinosaur brushes, all are royalty-free, all are by graphicxtras.com (Andrew Buckle). Use the wonderful dinosaur brushes / image files in many different ways. The dinosaur designs are unique, great combined, blended, exported to other applications, effects applied and much more. Millions of wonderful designs can be created in seconds. If you have any questions about the dinosaur brushes, please contact us on support@graphicxtras.com. On buying the dinosaur set (via our shareit.com buy) you receive the download link to the dinosaur brushes and the set also includes a thumbnail gallery of all the dinosaurs along with documentation about the installation and basic use of the dinosaur brushes; also includes a serial number for any updates. Please check out our video tutorials on how to use the brushes, how to install the brushes, how to use the brushes as layers etc. Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Patterns / tiles

dinosaur patterns

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Image gallery: 100 Dinosaur patterns for Photoshop and Elements and PSP and others (Volume 100)

100 Dinosaur / Prehistoric monsters, many different poses, T-Rex designs, wonderful dinosaur patterns for all kinds of work. 300 DPI. Use in Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and many others. Combine the dinosaur patterns, re-color them, modify them and much more. They are seamless tiles for any size of work so you can use them with small documents as well as large images - you can also use the layer scaling features to re-scale the designs in many ways (as you also have the source PNG files you can also slant the designs, rotate them and much more to create a near infinite selection of designs. PC and MAC OS X. See all the designs included in the set via thumbnail gallery link above though the designs are the source tiles and not applied to a layer or background.

dinosaur brush

FREE sampler dinosaur brush PNG format for photoshop, psp etc

One free sampler dinosaur brush in PNG format, commercial use. Access the dinosaur brush design via the file open command of many different applications such as Photoshop, psp and others. Once loaded, either define the brush via the edit meny define brush command (Photoshop) or via the custom brushes palette in PSP etc. PC and MAC OS X

Dinosaurs / Pattern scripts in Photoshop CC CS6

The dinosaurs patterns are the source tiles and not the end result patterns. Now with the wonderful features of CS6, you can use the patterns in 1000s of new and exciting ways (via the fill menu and scripting). There are many different ways you can use the deco scripts in the new fill option. You can also modidy or create your own scripts to create a vast range of pattern designs in Photoshop CC CS6. The scripts are in Javascript and are easy to update.

Dinosaur Photoshop Shapes

Opening dinosaurs

The shapes are all in standard Photoshop shapes format for use in Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 as well as Elements. The easiest way to access the dinosaurs is via the file open command but they can also be opened via the edit menu preset manager. Another option is to use the custom shapes palette and the right side menu load / replace and just select the CSH file


Dinosaur brushes

The brushes as well as the patterns include PNG format, the PNG files can be used as brushes as well as patterns but they can also be used as layers. The PNG files can be manipulated and used as a source for custom shapes and vector designs and other formats. Some examples of the dinosaur PNG brushes below including silhouettes and sketch dinosaur brushes.




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