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Displacements Maps / textures for PSP, Photoshop etc

Displacement maps / distortions / textures for Photoshop CC 2022 2021 2020 CS6 etc, psp, Photo-paint, Elements, GIMP, Affinity Photo and many others. Many different designs are included in the collection including rough, smooth, warped, spotted and more.


They are all in PSD format


Use with displace / texturizer / texture effects / conte effects / glass distortions filters (as well as use with other applications that support PSD format and you can always very quickly convert the PSD files from PSD to PNG or afphoto etc). They are all seamless tiles for any size of work. They can be installed in any location. They are all royalty free, all are for commercial use, all are by


They can be loaded via the browse feature of the various filters that use the PSD textures / distortions. The distortions can be applied once or multiple times to create many wonderful unique effects. The filters such as displace and texturizer etc can be found via the filters menu. The distortions PSD files can be used via the file open and place command as well. You can blend and combine them. You can also use them with effects and filters.


You can use them with the displace filter, though this tool has not been updated in years and is one of the weirdest tools in the application in that it doesn't have a proper preview and split over two dialogs, it is still a very useful tool to create all kinds of paint like effects with the supplied PSD files and the effect can be re-applied multiple times with the same setting as well as modified with different settings such as changing the vertical and horizontal scale. It also works wonders when combined with other filter effects such as oil paint.


You can use the artworks as a great source for masks. They are great for wallpapers. They are great as overlays. They are great as backgrounds. They can be masked.


You can use the distortions and textures with type.


You can use them with selections. You can use them as a great source for a selection but you can also use them with a selection such as creating a quick frame from a rectangular marquee

Shapes, brushes etc

You can use them with fills for custom shapes, You can combine them with brushes via the textures. You can also use them as a great source for patterns.


They are all for commercial (CU4CU), use to create items for sale. They are for countless applications and are all in PSD format. All the PSDs are by Andrew Buckle / The maps are basic files but these files can be used in many of the filters such as displace and also glass and others.


If you wish to use them in an application such as Affinity Photo then you will have to convert the PSD files to PNG as the displace filter in Affinity Photo only supports the PNG format.


They can also be used as a source for patterns and can be quickly converted to pattern format. Using the files as patterns is perhaps far more obvious than using as brushes. The only difference between the patterns and the supplied files are that these are in gray scale - you won't see any reds or blues etc in a texture. The textures are all still seamless. If you want to re-color them, you can by using tools such as adjustments such as HSL .


They can be combined to create even more patterns, simply by opening or placing multiple PSD and then combining them using the blending modes etc. As all the tiles are seamless, multiple displace PSD (without any transformations or perhaps with limited transformations such as flip or rotate 90 degree) are also seamless and the end result will still be a seamless tile that can be added to the PS pattern panel via define pattern command. You can also combine them with pattern sets and much more


They can also be used as a texture for a layer. Open the PSD and add them to the pattern panel via the edit menu define pattern command. Create a new layer and fill with gradient or image or painting etc and then go to the layer and layer style menu and add bevel. Select the texture option and then select the created pattern from the dropdown. You can also scale the texture.

Basic PSD file / Sketched

You can create a very basic PSD file, 200 x 200 etc and just draw in it. To make it even easier, display the swatches panel so you have all the grays at hand. Use brush strokes to create a design once you have gone to the view menu and pattern preview on. Apply the brush and then save the seamless tile to the desktop etc (say as 1.psd). Go to the effect and then select tile or scale as well as setting a scale horizontal and vertical and then click OK and then select the file you created and press return and you will have your distorted image


$7.79 (also GBP, etc) per set, all are downloads

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