How to draw a custom shape in Photoshop tutorial

drawHow to draw a custom shape in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2105 CS6 etc. Open a document in Photoshop

Goto to the CSH tool (below the rectangle tool). Select the shape type (layer, path, fill). Select the custom shape to draw in the presets picker. Set the color via the foreground or use the properties at the top bar or the properties panel. Click document and drag to the required size to draw the design. Release mouse


Video tutorial on the subject of drawing custom shapes by (youtube)


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Select the CSH tool and then go to the top bar of PS and select the option - layer, path or fill. Set the color via the foreground color in the toolbar. Set the opacity for the artwork via the top bar, same with the blending mode. You can also set the color via the top bar if you set the artwork to layer (and set it a solid color or gradient or pattern). You can also set the stroke and dash style.


One key thing would be the actual drawing constraints and that depends on what you want to achieve with your artwork. If you are using the tool to create items for architectural purposes then the fixed option maybe the best option. If you are using it purely for illustration with little consideration of the size etc then unconstrained is perfect. You can set the path option to be unconstrained (my favorite) or defined size or fixed etc.


Click the artboard for top left of the object, Apply the artwork and release at the bottom right for the right size of the object in your image / document or layer.


You can repeat this multiple times.


If you want to generate a sketching / drawing etc then the best approach would be to use the layer option for the design and set the fill to nil and set the stroke to a solid color and perhaps width / weight 10px and then re-apply that over and over to create a very sketchy scratchy artwork with the select graphic.


You can also use the 3D menu. Select the artwork you want to use as a layer and add to the document. Go to the 3D menu and then create new mesh from layer and select the postcard command. Goto the 3D panel and then select the scene and then go to the properties panel and select the surface and style of sketch. Would not say it is the most wonderful sketch but you tweak it further (don't use the transformation tools).


You can add a background sketch as well by selecting the environment in the 3D panel and then go to the properties panel and the background and load texture (just select a file). Modify the color / intensity setting to control how much you then see of the artwork mixed with the background.


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