How to draw a custom shape in Photoshop tutorial

A tutorial on how to draw a custom shape in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2105 CS6 etc

Draw a custom shape

how to draw a custom shape in Photoshop tutorial
  1. Open a document in Photoshop

  2. Goto to the custom shape tool in Photoshop toolbar (below the rectangle tool)

  3. Select the shape type (layer, path, fill)

  4. Select the custom shape to draw in the presets picker

  5. Set the color via the foreground or use the properties at the top bar or the properties panel

  6. Click document and drag to the required size to draw the Photoshop custom shape

  7. Release mouse

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Draw a custom shape via the toolbar. It does require a little bit of a set up and deciding the color and the artwork to use as well as blending mode etc


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Select the tool, go to the top bar and select the option - layer, path or fill. Set the color via the foreground color in the toolbar. Set the opacity for the artwork via the top bar, same with the blending mode. You can also set the color via the top barm if you set the artwork to layer (and set it a solid color or gradient or pattern). You can also set the stroke and dash style.


One key thing would be the actual drawing. You can set the path option to be unconstrained (my favourite) or defined size or fixed etc.


Click the artboard for top left of the object, Apply the artwork and release at the bottom right for the right size of the object in your image / document or layer.


You can repeat this multiple times.


If you want to generate a sketching drawing etc then the best approach would be to use the layer option for the design and set the fill to nill and set the stroke to a solid color and perhaps width / weight 10px and then re-apply that over and over to create a very sketchy scratchy artwork with the select graphic.


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