Examples of Use


All the products on graphicxtras.com are for commercial and hobby projects (such as items for sale). Items are non-exclusive. You are entitled to use the item for unlimited time. No credit is required either. All are by graphicxtras.com Andrew Buckle). The list is infinite, here are a few of the possible uses. LOGOs - you cannot use the item straight as a logo but use part of the design as a logo or modify in some way to create an unique design (remember, all the products are non-exclusive)


Examples - not complete... if you have any questions, please e-mail us on support@graphicxtras.com

Fashion designs - YES

T-shirts - YES

Templates - YES

Fabrics - YES

Shirts - YES

Merchandise - YES

Pants - YES

Clear stamps - YES

Ties - YES

Mugs - YES

Contests - YES (though use only as part of a contest design)

Surf boards - YES

Skate boards - YES

Pillows - YES

Baby Apparel - YES

Bumper Stickers - YES

Socks - YES

Tattoos - YES

Packages and packaging - YES

Books - YES

CD covers - YES

Leaflets - YES

Web site designs - YES

Magazines YES

Comics - YES

Kit products - YES

Cushions - YES

Rubber stamps - YES

Video productions - YES

Films - YES


EBooks - YES

Kits - YES

Movies - YES

Greeting card - YES

Tiles and tiling - YES

Advertising - YES

Plates - YES

Photos - YES

Posters - YES

Stickers - YES

Multimedia - YES

Prints - YES

Posters - YES

Basic logos - YES


Registered Trademarked logo designs without modification / creativity i.e use as part of logo is fine - NO

Re-sell items without modification / creativity - NO

Print on demand - NO (without some actual creativity applied to the design)


Date updated: May 26th, 2023


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