Eye shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Word and others

Eyes shapes for Photoshop, psp and others

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eye custom shapes

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Image gallery: 100 Eye custom shapes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (Volume 180)

100 Eye custom shapes - sparkly eye shapes, open eye custom shapes, manga eye custom shapes, realistic eye custom shapes, abstract eye custom shapes and many more - all for Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and Photoshop Elements 11.0 - 1.0 (all versions). Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. All the eye shapes are in CSH and EPS shapes format. Load the EPS shapes via the file open command or via the file place, the eps shapes can also be used in many other applications such as PSP and Photo-Paint. The eye shapes are vector shapes for any size of work. PC and MAC OS X. Easy to load via the custom shapes palette. Commercial use, all royalty-free. All the eye shapes are by graphicxtras.com. The eye shapes can be converted to other formats, effects can be applied, layer effects can be applied, the eyes can be transformed, filled, stroked, turned into brushes, blended, combined, exported to other applications and much more

eye custom shapes

FREE sampler: eye custom shapes for Photoshop and elements

Free eye custom shapes (variants of a single eye shape) for use in Photoshop and elements. Load via the custom shapes presets tool. PC and MAC. Commercial use. Any questions about the eye custom shapes, please contact us

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Thumbnail images gallery: 100 Eye shapes - Eyes font for Word, Indesign, Pages, Illustrator, Photoshop and more (Volume 194)

100 Eye shapes font set - many different font shapes including realistic, abstract, manga, sparkly eye shapes, shiny shapes, wide open eyes and many more. The shapes are vector designs for any size of work. The eye shapes can be combined, modified, distorted, re-colored, filled, exported and more. The designs are in TTF and EPS format. Easy to use and apply in Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, PaintShop Pro, Pages and others - the shapes can also be used as layers in many other applications. The forms can be re-colored and filled in many different ways - though this depends on the application you are using. You can also use the designs to overlay and existing illustration as well as using the elements as a completely new image. Commercial use, all royalty-free, all the eye shapes are by graphicxtras.com and can be used to create items for sale.



Eye Font in Paint Shop Pro tutorial

The fonts (this font or otherwise) are a great source for designs in PaintShop Pro X4 X3. The shapes can be converted to PSP preset shapes. You can apply materials to the font shapes such as gradients and patterns and textures as well as a solid fill color.


If you want to use a shape design as a vector then the fonts are the only way you can add fresh new vector content to PSP. If you try and open a vector file such as an EPS file then the EPS file is rasterized.


1) Open document or new

2) Go to the tools palette

3) Select text tool

4) The bar at the top of PSP will change, select the font (this font or otherwise), the size as required

5) Select a fill color

6) Click document in required location with the text tool

7) Type text as you would A B C - you will see the designs appear (this font or otherwise)

8) Click apply

If you wish to save the design as a Paint Shop Pro preset shape

9) Right click current selected shape

10) Convert text to curves (as single shape)

You may wish to rename the shape to something unique

11) Go to the layer palette

12) Select the vector design you have just created

13) Double click the name (s) displayed and rename to something unique

14) Set stroke

15) OK

You can now easily save this preset shape via the file menu to a preset shape for future use

16) File menu and Export command and Shape


On exporting the shape, the design is saved as a PSP shape file (pspshape format). The shape will now be accessible as soon as you re-startup Paint Shop Pro. The shape files can be found in the file menu and preferences command and file locations option if you wish to delete the PSP shape files.

Custom Shapes palette in Photoshop and options tutorial

The Photoshop shapes are displayed via the palette. The palette can hold a large range of the artworks (though not every shape created on graphicxtras) and are displayed as a thumbnail. To use an artwork, simply select and then apply. The shapes palette can also be added to via the standard file and open command as well in later versions of Photoshop and Elements (this might vary from version to version and OS to OS)


1) Select the custom shape tool

2) Go to the top bar of Photoshop (custom shapes options)

3) Select the shape dropdown

4) Select the eyes design (or any other custom shape)

5) Apply the artwork as required


There are additional items associated with the custom shape tool such as apply the shape as constrained or unconstrained or a defined size or apply from the center


1) Select custom shape tool

2) Select defined size (Volume size as required)

3) Go to the document

4) Click and repeat click to apply the fill design over the entire document (great for a nozzle like effect for shapes)

Fixed size and eye shapes in Photoshop

If you use the fixed size, you can use the custom shape more like a brush stroke or nozzle and just click the document repeatedly to apply a quick shape using the current color - fill an image with 1000s of eye artworks in seconds


The eye shape is applied rapidly with the only change being the color of the design. The only thing that is slightly problematic is that the shape is applied to the side of the eye shape - you can fix this by setting the 'from center' option and then the nozzle / custom shape application is a whole lot easier to control and apply the shapes. For many of the controls, the from center option makes the application of the eye shape harder but the from center works well with the fixed size option. Use the eye shapes to create millions of wonderful curved and abstract designs

Photoshop Text and eye shapes

The illustrations can be combined with text. The text needs to be converted to a layer and then additional custom shapes (such as eyes) can be added to the text via the pathfinder options to add to the layer or exclude or subtract.



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