Smoke Effect in Flame Painter Tutorial


How to create a smoke effect / brush stroke in Flame Painter Pro Tutorial. You can create all kinds of very effective smoke / mist brush designs in seconds

The key start point for the smoke / mist brushes is the brush preset in Flame Painter 'wisp and flame' - select that.. Start with a new layer.set the blending mode to lighten.set the color of the brush to white.set the span and soft etc as well as other settings of the brush..Apply the brush in Flame Painter 3 Pro once or multiple times

Another good approach to creating the smoke effect is to create a flowing motion and leave the image when you decide to stop to avoid concentrating the flame generation in one area of the Flame Painter Pro image. Use multiple layers of subtle brush strokes and combine with the blur effect.


The smoke / mist brush effect should then be saved as a PSD file and manipulated further in Photoshop.


You can define the smoke / mist brush as a Photoshop brush via the edit menu define brush command. This tutorial shows you the steps to take to create a good smoke effect / mist brush in Flame Painter Pro and how to take that into Photoshop to define as a new brush stroke.

Creating smoke effects in Flame Painter Pro - in more detail (extending the steps from above)

How to create a smoke effect / brush design in Flame Painter Pro. There is a brush preset called wisp and flame (if applied in white) can be pretty good and also you probably can find a smoke effect / mist etc on the web or perhaps even a download from the official site. If you want to create your own smoke brush stroke in Flame Painter 3 Pro, how to go about it (I am certain you will be able to improve on the settings to your own satisfaction

create a layer via the layer menu and new layer command. It makes it a lot easier just to delete the layer and also you can add multiple layers as well as combine with a blur effect to add some depth to the smoke brush stroke. set to 'flame' and the following and set the color to white. blending set to lighten and opacity 4 and size set to 240 and span 10 and soft to 88 (you want it high but not too high). speed to 28 and center 0 and focus 100 and chaos to 78 and focus between 90 and 100 and chaos set to 100 and noise 100. fade 0 and detail 1 and fill option

Smoke layers in Flame Painter Pro

Once you have the settings then you can apply the smoke brush strokes in Flame Painter 3 Pro. Apply the brush stroke using a mouse and apply it with a flowing motion and try to avoid stopping in any position. A good way to apply the smoke brush effect stroke is to start off screeen at the bottom to avoid (if possible any bursts of light - it is tricky and unless really intense, doesn't really spoil the smoke effect). When you finish the brush stroke it is probably best to go off the edge of the image to avoid the smoke / brush stroke being applied any more and concentrating in one area.. Apply a blur effect via the filter menu and blur (set to 20 or so). Create a new layer. Re-apply brush stroke with a flowing and swirling motion

Photoshop and the smoke from Flame Painter Pro

Flame Painter 3 Pro has some amazing features and really amazing brush strokes but it is limited when it comes to effects as well as adjustments and color effects etc so you can always use the save command to save the work as a PSD file etc and use that in Photoshop. You can then apply effects to the Flame Painter 3 Pro smoke brush strokes such as adding oil paint effects to the smoke to create a weird smeared smoke brush stroke. You can also use the flame Painter 3 Pro brush strokes as a great source for new brushes in Photoshop

Open PSD file.edit menu. define brush

You can create all kinds of variant smoke effects using filters in Photoshop as well as other tools such as Affinity Photo