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frogs brushes for Photoshop

100 Frog Brushes for Photoshop and Elements and PSP and WordPress and others (Volume 71)

100 Frog brushes includes many different poses and realistic designs of frog brushes, cartoon frog brushes, drawn, sketch frog brushes, leaping frogs and more for Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 and Photoshop Elements 11 10, 9, 8 down to 1, PSP, Photo-Paint and other applications. For PC and MAC OS X. On buying the frogs set, you receive the download url to the strokes along with the documentation giving details about the installation of the set as well as basic use and also a thumbnail gallery. ABR (Photoshop brushes format) and PNG format for use in many other applications. 300 DPI, varied sizes. Commercial use, all the frog brushes can be used royalty-free. All the frog brushes are by and can be used to create items for sale.

frogs brushes for Photoshop

FREE download sampler: Frog brush / PNG file for Photoshop and others

Free brush stroke / PNG file, commercial use. Add as a frog brush via the edit menu define brush command in Photoshop or via the custom brushes in PSP. If you have any questions about the brushes, please contact us on support@graphicxtras,com. The frog design can be used in countless applications such as Photoshop, Photoshop elements, Indesign, Pages, MS Word, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro and many more.

Photoshop frog brushes

Opening frog brushes in Photoshop

The frog brushes are easy to use and apply throughout the application. The frog brush set comes with the designs stored in the standard Photoshop brushes ABR format file as well as PNG. To load the brushes into Photoshop, go to the edit menu and the preset manager and select the brushes option and load the brushes. You can also use the file open command to load the frog ABR files in some cases though for some weird and wonderful leaping reason, the file open does not work with every version of Photoshop and Elements. The best solution to opening the frog ABR file is to select a brush tool and then go to the brush palette and use the load / replace commands on the side of that palette to load all the varied poses of frogs.


frog brushes


If you add the ABR frog file to the brushes folder (and this varies with the application - I would suggest searching the web for the current location for CS6 CS5 CS4 brushes), the frog designs will then appear in the list along with the assorted brushes, basic, calligraphic, DP, drop shadow, dry media, faux finish that are loaded with the initial installation of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. This might prove more useful in the installation. If you obtain the frog brushes via the Adobe Exchange (latest version) that can be accessed within the application via the extensions section, the brushes are properly installed in the brushes presets folder by default without any interaction.


frog brushes tools


Once loaded, you can then apply them via all the various Photoshop brushes (such as paint, pencil, clone, art history, smudge - above you can see some of the tools that you can use with the brushes such as the mixer brush tool and the pencil and brush tool in the toolbox - many of the brush tools are hidden beneath other tools). You can also load the brushes into Photoshop via the PNG frog files and in that case, just use the file open to load the frog PNG files. The PNG frog files can also be used in countless other applications so you are not limited to just Photoshop but you can also use them in many other applications as frog brushes. You can also load the PNG files and then use the edit menu define brush command to re-save the frog to the palette (you can also use effects to apply perhaps blurs or rough edge effects to the frog before re-saving as a new brush)


multiple frog brushes


The frog brushes, once loaded, can be applied as a single dab or as a spray or as a continuous flow - this depends on the settings in the brushes palette. The brushes palette in Photoshop offers a massive range of options to apply the frog dabs such as scatter the designs, apply with varying colors of weird and wonderful sickly frogs and more. The above image of the frogs was created using two frogs - once just about to leap and another flat on the ground.


You can also use the brush palette to rotate the brush stroke so if you want the design to be upside down when you apply it (and why not), use the brush palette to rotate the design by 180 degrees or 90 degrees You can use the little rotation tool to rotate the stroke but personally I have always found it easier to enter 90 degrees in the angle field in the brush palette. Other settings such as roundness can be used to squeeze the life out of a poor animal (no actual animals are harmed!)

Frog brushes as a layer

If you wish you can use the frog designs only in the PNG format and place the frog file into Photoshop as a layer. The Photoshop layer is set as a smart object (with the recent versions of Photoshop) and you can then combine the frog designs in countless ways to create many unique and wonderful artworks. The frog designs can also have live effects applied such as Photoshop blurs, filter gallery effects and more as well as the standard bevel / shadow / stroke effects. As a layer, the frog shape can also be just used as one part of a design.


frog layer effects


The example above shows a frog brush stroke applied to a layer (a new layer) and then layer effects applied to the design - could easily be wood, metallic, gel or a text effect but in this case a Photoshop satin and color effects and shadow are applied to the frog design. The frog brush stroke can then be saved and used and applied either as a new brush stroke or as an object (sadly, Photoshop has no object library to store snippets of designs that can be re-used such as in a live effect of an vector shape or dynamic floater)

Creation of designs

All the strokes used in the brushes set (volume 1) were created in the excellent Poser application version 8 (though it is now up to 9 and also SR3). The designs were all rendered in a variety of different poses and angles as well as using my favourite renders, scratchy renders (I wish Poser would add more options for that). Those renders were then saved as PNG files which were then imported into Photoshop (version 6 - yes, I still use that occasionally as it is the earliest version with brushes) and saved as a Photoshop brushes ABR file via an action which imports all the PNG files in and saves them via the edit menu - reasonably quick way of doing it instead of repeatedly going to the edit menu for each file. The frogs are all then saved as an ABR file


abr brush palette


You can see the ABR palette above - it contains a small thumbnail of all the designs that can be selected as well as the default size (so you can see most of the brushes are sized around 400 or so) - you can always re-size the stroke either up or down.


frog brushes


The frog brushes set comes with a huge range of different frog brush designs, all different poses, different angles and actions. Also the set includes realistic frogs as well as abstract designs.


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