Gaussian Blur Filter in Affinity Photo Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2022

The gaussian blur filter is a powerful filter tool in Affinity Photo and can be used as a live filter effect as well as a standard filter effect in Affinity Photo, you can apply to layers, more than once and much more




1. Where ?

Filters menu in Affinity Photo and the Blur category as well as via the new live filter layer menu in layers.

2. Panel

Set radius and click the apply button. You can also change the effect's intensity by interactively dragging across the document. You can set it to a low value or a high value and anything in between to create subtle image effects as well as totally wiping out the image. If you go to the live filter layer, you also have the option of blending mode and opacity to enable additional control as well as a non destructive effect with any image.

3. Channels

It can be used in all the color channels or a single one so you can modify the effect for the red to the green etc. you can apply it once or multiple times to each channel or totally ignore it for another channel. You can apoply different radius settings for each to create all kinds of different colorful artwork. You can also combine it with other filters such as the deform filter. You can find the channels panel in the view menu and studio.

4. Selections

You can also use it with a selection, you can apply the effect multiple times inside that selection. It also works amazingly well if you apply a selection feather and then apply the effect to that. Selections can be any shape, they do not have to be rectangles and circles etc

5. Fade.

You can fade the filter via the layer menu and fade command. You can use this to change the blending mode for the effect and changing it to difference or darken or lighten can greatly enhance the effect or create a subtle change. Just move the slider to the right or left and experiment.

6. Shapes etc

You can apply the effect to shapes as well as layers as well as text to create all kinds of amazing designs. If you apply the effect via the filters menu then the result for a shape will be a conversion of the design into a pixel layer but it will remove the sharpness of the shape. The same for type. If you use it with standard layers or layers with fx effects then the result will still be a pixel layer.