Giraffe brushes / PNG images for Photoshop, psp and others

Giraffe brushes and others for Photoshop, PSP and others

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Date updated: May 22nd, 2023


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Thumbnail images gallery: 170 Giraffe brushes for Photoshop, PSP, MS Word, GIMP and others (pack 183)

170 Giraffe themed brushes - all in PNG format files for use in many different applications such as Adobe Photoshop, PSP, MS Word, Apple Pages and others. The giraffe designs are all in standard PNG format and can be used as Photoshop brushes, psp brushes, patterns, textures, images and much more. The set also includes a selection of Photoshop actions along with documentation and a gallery and serial number. The giraffe brushes can also be used as basic layers in many applications by loading the giraffe designs via the file place / file import commands. The giraffe designs can all be accessed via the file open command of many applications on the PC and MAC OS X. The giraffe set includes sketched giraffe brushes, realistic giraffe brushes, head shots of giraffe brushes, different poses, cartoon giraffe brushes, silhouette giraffe brushes, sketched giraffe brushes and more. The giraffe brushes can be re-colored, modified, warped, transformed, combined, modified and much more. The giraffes are for use in commercial products such as books, logos, illustrations, items for sale, adverts, cards, wall paper, web sites and much more. Royalty-free, all the renders are by (Andrew Buckle). If you have any questions about the giraffe brushes, please contact us. See all the giraffe brushes included in the set via the gallery link above. Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated. Corel and PaintShop Pro are registered trademarks of Corel Corporation.


FREE sampler: PNG Brush image file for Photoshop and others

1 Free sampler PNG brush stroke/ image - commercial use. The PNG file can be loaded as a brush by open the file (PNG) and then using the edit menu define brush command in Photoshop. Other applications vary such as PSP (use via the custom brushes palette). You can also use the design purely as an image or layer. The giraffe brushes can be used in commercial projects, royalty-free, no time limits.

Video showing the giraffe brushes in pack 183

Video showing all the brushes in the giraffe set, the brushes are shown as is and not actually applied to anything and they are all displayed in their as is color scheme which can be modified in many different applications (such as changing the color of the brush via the Photoshop toolbox).




The giraffe brushes can be used as 'brushes' but they can also be used just as a layer or single image. You can apply them as brush strokes but you can also just place the PNG file and apply transformations as well as color effects and layer effects to the giraffes


giraffe design


The brushes can be used to create custom shapes. Either use the actual shape file (file open command) or apply a brush stroke to a layer and use the select menu load selection (transparency) command and follow this with turning the design into a work path (via path palette) - from this go to the edit menu and use the define custom shape command. Once the shape has been turned into a shape, you can use the giraffe as a vector design for any size of work. You can apply the shape multiple times as well as apply different color effects such as gradients or pattern fills to the giraffe design (as below)


giraffe shape


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