Halloween fonts

The halloween font shapes are for use in Illustrator, Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Apple Pages, painter, Affinity designer and many others.

Halloween shapes

TTF / EPS, download


Buy $3.49. 110 Halloween shapes (V87) Halloween font shapes for Photoshop, GIMP, Word, Indesign, Excel gallery [see all the designs in the set]...


The halloween font shapes are for use on the pc and mac. They include pumpkins, bone shapes, witches, brooms, ghoul shapes, Jack O Lanterns, weird and wonderful halloween font shapes etc. They are all for commercial use, all are royalty free, all are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle.


Mac install (youtube)

Windows install of fonts (youtube)


The halloween font shapes can be used to create items for sale + books + posters + illustrations + comics + videos + packaging + leaflets + adverts + record covers and more. The halloween font shapes can be set to any color and they can be filled with gradients as well as patterns as well as brush strokes and effects and much more. The designs can be edited in many different applications such as Affinity Designer and Illustrator to create many unique artworks from the same sets of artworks. The halloween font shapes can be used as a source for brushes and patterns and masks and displacements. You can use them as a great source for 3D models via the Photoshop 3D features. The halloween font shapes set also includes the same designs in EPS and they can be accessed via the file open and file place command of many applications such as PaintShop Pro, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo etc and they can then be manipulated as normal layers by adding effects as well as layer effects and also adding adjustment layers to re-color the artworks. You can use the artworks with all kinds of backgrounds to create creepy looking scenes in seconds. On purchase of the halloween font set you receive the scary TTF truetype font set along with the same artworks in EPS format as well as a gallery of all the artworks and also notes and serial.


Andrew Buckle, Maidstone artist, tel: +44 1622 / 688 375 E-mail: support@ graphicxtras.com