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Hexagon Shapes Creation in Photoshop Tutorial, How To Create Hex Designs Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021

hexagon c shapes for Adobe Photoshop


How to create a hexagon shape design in Photoshop ? Hexagon tool ?


The key thing is to go to the polygon tool. There is no independent tool to create the shape alone. You can also create the hexagon shape by using the pen tool


How to create a hexagon shape in Photoshop via polygon tool

Go to the polygon tool found in the tools bar. Go to the top bar 'options' (this is set in the window menu).


Set the color for your design, set the stroke, set it to a shape layer if you want it to be added as a vector (more useful personally) or set to pixel if you just want to add it to the current layer. Set the stroke and stroke weight as well as any style such as adding a dah to your hexagon design. Go to the number of sides and set it to 6. Go to the additional settings (gear) icon and set the star ratio to 100% otherwise you will be generating the wrong kind of design. Hold down the shift key and draw and the hexagon shape will be created in your current Photoshop document proportionally


You can now use the move tool to move the hexagon design around the current document. Go to the properties panel and you can see a variety of options to change the fill, stroke etc


Direct selection tool to distort the hexagon shape

You can also now go to the direct selection tool in the tools panel and change the individual points of the hexagon shape if you wish such as dragging the points in or out. As soon as you do this the hexagon shape will be a normal regular shape and some options will be removed from the properties


Hollow hexagon shape

You can hold down the alt / option key and duplicate the hexagon shape so you will have two layers of your hexagon shape. Re-size the latest created hexagon shape and make it smaller (use the bounding box if available to scale it by 80% say). Select both shapes and then use the alignment tools to center and then go to the layer menu and combine shapes and subtract command and then you will end up with a hollow hexagon shape


Hexagon shape color

You don't need to remove items from the hexagon, you can always re-color it in a number of ways such as adding additional circle shapes in different colors on top of the hexagon shape or perhaps a thin rectangle across the entire hexagon shape and then select all the shapes as well as the hexagon and then go to the layer menu and select the smart objects command and convert to a smart object. You will now see that the hexagon shape has been converted into a smart object in the layers panel and you can now add smart filters etc and adjustments to it and all can be modified by double clicking the entries in the layers panel. You can also edit the hexagon shape smart object as well by double clicking the smart object thumbnail in the layer entry for the shape.


You can also select the hexagon shape and go to the polygon tool and then the properties panel and click the fill and then select either the solid color or the swatches or the gradient or patterns so you can change the fill color to a super colorful gradient or perhaps to an unique pattern design in Photoshop.


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