Color LUT tables in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to create a color LUT / color lookup table in Photoshop tutorial for CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Generate / export / create LUTs

how to generate create LUTs in Photoshop
  1. Open image (high quality image)

  2. Layer menu in Photoshop

  3. New adjustment layer (color LUT exports need a layer to export)

  4. Vibrance and set properties and OK

  5. New adjustment layer

  6. Curves and set properties and OK

  7. File menu

  8. Export and Color lookup tables (for export / creation of a color LUT in Photoshop)

  9. Set quality (set the grid) and formats etc such as 3DL or CUBE or CSP or ICC. Of course, give it a copyright

  10. OK

  11. Save


Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


Adjustments : You can use adjustment layers to quickly create / export LUT (color lookup table) files but all kinds of layers and modifications can be used before you use the export functionality.


So you can use color balance, gradient map, channel mixer, etc


You can set the adjustments via layers menu and select one of those


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Layers needed : generateThe key thing is that you are using a layer (and it really doesn't matter the type of layer either, just the end result)


You can add two or three of the same adjustment layers (or not) and you can also mix in opacity via the layers panel as well as different blending modes (such as hard mix or hard light or difference) as well as masks and layer styles etc


So choose vibrance and then channel mixer etc to modify the color of the underling image


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Other layers : patternYou do not need to use just adjustments.


You can use

gradient overlays in layer styles

pattern overlays in layer styles

Layer filled with gradients combined using blending modes such as difference

Photograph image layer

Duplicate layer

Layers filled with brush strokes

Layers with blending modes / opacity


They don't have to be layers but they can modify the layers such as blending modes and opacity.


Export : The key thing after generating your layers and it can be multiple layers is to use the the file menu command to store the work in a variety of formats


You can save the tables to a variety of formats such as






Set up grid points - 32 is probably decent but as you add more points, the file sizes will increase. You can go to 256. The time taken to save the data also increases so expect to see the progress bar as you save your files. The maximum option also seems to have some issues and takes a while to process, so 32 is probably best


Using the generated files : lookupTo use the generated files, simply go to the image menu and adjustments and color lookup or use the adjustment layers.


Use the load command to select the file and see the result. You can change the result a little by changing the data order and table order.


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