Create a honeycomb frame in Photoshop tutorial

honeycomb frame for Photoshop how to create

Learn how to create a honeycomb frame / insect eye / broken look in Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 etc tutorial.


  1. Open image for honeycomb and define as pattern via the edit menu define command for honeycomb frame cell image

  2. Select the Photoshop polygon tool and set to shape and set sides to 6 (hexagons) and draw

  3. Goto the fill and set to that pattern. Set the stroke to gray and 50pt (or as big as you want the walls)

  4. Select and duplicate by alt / option key for the honeycomb frame cells (cr

  5. Make multiple copies and move them interlocking into a honeycomb frame structure as shown on the right

  6. Layer menu and layer content to move the content (select pattern and move)


Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)

The key thing here is the image that you want to use to create the honeycomb frame effect in Photoshop.


Probably works best with a very large image as the effect uses different views of the same image.


threeOpen the image and then go to the edit menu define pattern command.


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Create a new document or use an existing one with layers for the honeycomb. Shape layer for the honeycomb using the polygon tool and set that to 6 sides


Set to a shape layer (not pixel or path) and set the color for the fill to the defined image preset and set the stroke to black and set to 50px etc or the size you want for the edge of your cells for the hex design. Create the cell using the polygon tool and align with two vertical parallel sides so you have the cell as to the right.


Now to duplicate the cell using the alt / option key (depending on the system).


Make certain that the smart guides are on by going to the view menu and show smart guides and snap is on and snap to smart guides to make it easier for you to snap to the edges of the cells. Move the cell away from the original and place along one of the edges. Duplicate the cell again and repeat the movement slotting the cells into each of the 'empty' spaces next to the other cells. As it is a hexagon, 6 cells will fit around edge of the original. Repeat this over and over to create the honeycomb effect you want.


At this point you will notice that all the pattern 'images' are identical but you can always go to the layer menu and layer content options and set the scale as well as interactively shift the image contained within the cell. You can then use the layer content feature with all the cells to create slightly different views of the same thing - you can go back to the original image that was used in the definition and then apply effects such as blurs to that and define that as a pattern and then go back to the cell and select a different fill with that effect - so the images will look approximately the same but there will be suble difference to all the different images created in this hex design.


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