How to create a brush from an image in Photoshop tutorial

How to create Photoshop brushes from a photo / image tutorial for CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc.

Create brush tip from image in Photoshop

images and photoshop brushes how to create tutorial
  1. Open image in Photoshop

  2. Rectangular marquee tool and select area of image

  3. Edit menu

  4. Define brush (to create brush tip from image selection)

  5. Give the brush tip a name

  6. OK

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Would always suggest that you take your own photos or drawing / images and define that image as a new brush. You can use the entire image but you can also use only part of a photograph as a stroke


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Sources : sourceThe key thing is to have an image to create as a Photoshop brush. You can use all kinds of photos such as faces, animals, trees, etc anything you want to turn into a powerful stroke for your paint tools in PS and PS Elements etc.


The photo, of course, must be owned by you. Another option is, of course, public domain


Black and white :adjustmentsIt is best to turn it a black and white image so most photos probably need some initial setup using adjustments such as Black and white.


You can go to the adjustments perhaps via the layer menu and use the black and white filter. Modify the red and green channels until you create the black and white you want from your photo. As it is a live layer, the properties of the b&w can be changed over and over and different strokes can be saved from this.


Apply the adjustment and then go to the edit menu and define command


Smart object approach : smart objectHow to create a Photoshop brush from an image in black and white ? Use the photo as a smart object via the layer menu and then use the smart adjustments 'black and white' and also add into the mix tools such as smart filters such as blurs via the filter menu.


You will then see the adjustments and filters added to the photograph in the layers menu and that can be used as a source for the preset. Either use the entire image or select part of the image and then use the define command in the edit menu


Edge effects : frameAdding an edge to an image before defining as a new stroke


Open a photo and then go to the rectangle tool and set foreground to black. Goto the layers panel and unlock the background photo and then go to the layers menu and layer mask and reveal. Now select the thumbnail in the layers panel and add the rectangles around the edge of the photo (whether this is the opened photo or smart object it does not matter)


Of course, all kinds of different shapes can be added around the edge or perhaps even strokes. All can be added t the artwork and then you can again go to the edit menu and use the define command to store it to the presets panel.


Books : vintageYou can always use books etc as a great source for all kinds of dabs though if you want to actually use them as a set of strokes, probably best to find a very old Public domain book (and I would suggest checking with your local laws on what is out of copyright etc). You can then select any page as an image for Photoshop brushes creation (using a scanner to import it or perhaps a camera)


The text comes from a book from about 1740 and I doubt if the writer is around now (I guess)


Video frame : videoYou can also use photos from videos.


You can use the video time line panel on importing a video or film. You can then scan through the film using the video head and find strokes to define via that.


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