Brush creation in Photoshop

How to make / define a brush

Make / define a Photoshop brush

How to make / define a Photoshop brush tutorial
  1. Select an image or part of an image for the brush stroke definition in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc

  2. Edit menu

  3. Define brush

  4. Give brush preset a name

  5. Brush is added to the current brushes panel in Photoshop

Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


Sources for presets : You can use all kinds of artwork as a great source for making new presets.





public domain documents





video timeline frames

applied effects

layer effects


combinations of the above

and many more


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Define - how to quickly save your work as a new preset : createThe first step in all of this is to use the edit menu and define command. That adds the artwork to your presets panel. There you have it, a quick way to make a Photoshop brush


You can use the entire image or a selection (use the marquee tool etc).


Please feel free to download a free selection of designs for use in your projects, all are by


Settings : If you want to add a variation of the defined preset, go to the settings panel and set the dual settings





build up

wet edges



and much more


and then go to the right side of that panel and use the new preset command and that will be saved with the color, settings etc. My favorite feature of the settings panel has to be the dual option (such as changing the size and scattering and spacing and count of the selected dual stroke can radically change the design) as you can then combine strokes in many ways and make a vast number of variant dabs for your work.


Once you have decided on the settings, you can go to either of the key panels and use the right side menu and new preset to make yet another preset for your collection.


Video sources as a great and infinite source for amazing strokes : You can use all kinds of sources as pointed out above. A useful source of images for new presets is a video. You can use videos / video frames as a great source for making / defining a Photoshop brush


A video can be a minute or an hour long but each of the frames can be captured by the edit menu define command as move the playhead. The film can be a normal film or perhaps an abstract video or a film made from weird and wonderful effects created in After Effects or you can just use a quick style and shape and then change the settings for gradients etc via the layer style and particular keyframes to create a quick movie that can be then captured frame by frame as a new preset for the panel (obviously not all frames but certainly a one minute film can be used as a great way to capture many unique strokes via the define command by just moving the playhead.


The video timeline artwork can also be turned into a smart object via the layer panel and effects can be added and removed and again the results can be captured in the making of 1000s of designs for your work all from a quick and easy source.


Saving the work : If you wish to permanently save the artwork as a stroke then you will have to go to the presets panel and go to the right side menu and use the save command to save it as a new ABR


If you are using CC 2018 or CC 2019 (probably) or greater then you can now go to the brushes panel and select the preset in that panel and then use the right side menu and export command. The ABR file exported will contain your preset and it can then also be used in a variety of other apps that support the new ABR format


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