How to rotate Photoshop shapes tutorial

Learn how to rotate Photoshop custom shapes / objects, this can be done in many ways in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 etc

Rotate custom shape in Photoshop

rotate custom shapes object for Photoshop
  1. Select custom shape layer in Photoshop

  2. Edit menu

  3. Transform

  4. Rotate

  5. Enter angle

  6. Press return


Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


If the graphic is applied as a fill and it is applied to a layer then you can quickly pivot the layer by selecting the layer (in the layer panel) and then go to the edit menu and transform and rotate command. You can then either enter a value in the top bar options for the angle or you can just use the art bounds controls to manually whirl the vector layer. To finish, press enter or click the tick button.


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You can also use the transform command to repeat the swivel or set up a keyboard shortcut for the operation.


The pixel approach is not ideal as the result of any transforms will reduce the quality, keeping the artwork as a vector and then applying transformations is always going to the best and the result are then non-destructive


If the layer is a background (say you have added the artwiork using the pixel option), the background can be rolled via the image menu command and image rotation. You can use on the defined spin or set an arbitary value. You may find the image is re-sized and the background color is added to the new created background (you might like to set this beforehand via the toolbox). Or simply make the background layer a new layer that is not locked and can be transformed.


To interactively spin the Photoshop shape, use the bounding box for the vector artwork layer but to do this you must have the show transform setting correct. Set the show transform controls to ON (this can be found in the top bar options of the application when using layers). You can then use the art bound / transform controls to manually spin the selected layer or vector designs.


When you start pivoting the path using the transform controls, the rotation text box will appear along the top option bar and you can enter a new value via that. You can also update the value by holding the mouse down and placing the mouse over the little icon and drag the mouse left or right to decrease or increase the angle.


Click the tick button or press return to complete both operations.


Another way to spin the PS layer is via the edit menu and transform command (and rotate).


With CC, you can also apply various transforms to the rectangle etc via the properties but there is no option for an angle. Hopefully at some point this feature will be extended to all the other objects in PS


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