Rotate shapes in Photoshop tutorial

rotateHow to rotate Photoshop custom shapes / objects, this can be done in many ways in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 etc


Select preset layer. Edit menu and Transform and Rotate. Enter angle. Press return


Video tutorial about the rotate subject by (youtube)


Fill pixels / turning : fillIf the graphic is applied as a fill and it is applied to a layer then you can quickly pivot the layer by selecting the layer (in the layer panel) and then go to the edit menu and transform and rotate command.


You can then either enter a value in the top bar options for the angle or you can just use the art bounds controls to manually whirl the layer (show transform controls must be ON).


To finish, press enter or click the tick button.


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Shape layer / vector :

vectorYou can do the same with the shape layer option. You can rotate shapes in Photoshop using that option in seconds and personally it is a much better option than the fill pixels


The fill pixel approach is not ideal as the result of any transforms will reduce the quality, so it is best to use the artwork as a vector and the result is then non destructive.


You can use the same bounding box, the same transforms on the vector design


Reference point : referenceYou can also change the reference point for the layer via the top left corner. Instead of turning the path by the center, you can turn the path about the top left corner etc.


You can see the reference point in the image on the right. You can also just select the little dot / target and then move it to a new position and then turn the layer about that


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Transform commands : transformYou can also use the edit menu transform command to rotate the Photoshop shapes (it does much the same as the previous as it displays the edit field for the angle and bounding box)


There is a 90 degrees etc option but sadly no ways to edit the settings


There is a transform again command in the edit menu and if you have turned the layer by 30 degrees then the repeat will add another 30 degrees and so on.


Free transform adds little to the turning of the layer


Art added to background layer : backgroundIf you add the fill to the background layer you can still rotate the shape in Photoshop, it just requires an additional step.


To turn that you will have to go to the layers panel and click the lock to unlock the layer.


You can then use the transform / bounding box to turn the layer but you will end up with a transparency in the area leftover.


The quality will probably not be great either.


Actions : actionYou can create a quick action as long as you have the allow tool recording ON in the actions panel (right side menu). You can then set the record to ON and then select a path and turn it 45 degrees and then stop recording.


You can then apply the recorded action to any selected shape.


You can then set up a whole load of actions to turn the artwork such as 10 degree action or 5 degree action etc.


Saving the work : You can save the designs created with as a new preset via the edit menu (if still a vector) by selecting all the points of the artwork. You can also save the layer / vector / raster by dragging it to the CC library panel and the artwork can then be used in other applications in the creative cloud such as Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Premiere etc



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