How to use Snapshots in Affinity Photo tutorial

Learn how to use snapshots in Affinity Photo to be able to return to an earlier point in your history tutorial.

Snapshots in Affinity Photo

how to use snapshots in Affinity Photo tutorial
  1. Start Affinity Photo

  2. Open document and then apply effects, add type etc

  3. Document menu

  4. Add snapshot (for Affinity Photo)

  5. Supply a name though the default is fine as it gives the current date and time.

Many apps have a similar feature (in Photoshop it can be found via the history panel). If you want to get back to an earlier state (if you have made a hash of your work or have changed your mind about a certain change to an image) you can quickly restore back to this stored point in your work. All the effects etc are instantly removed.


Video tutorial on the subject (youtube) by graphicxtras,com


Key commands : The key menu commands is in the document menu




So you have added a number of layers and effects as well as adjustments and type and at that point you wish to save a current state / history state. Go to the document menu and then select the add command and the current work will be saved. You have not saved the actual work to a real file so the current JPG or TIFF file has not been updated. Nothing else has been changed.


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You can use the add command multiple times (I don't know if there is a limit but I assume that all this data has to be held somewhere in memory or on file) - so it is super easy to use snapshots in Affinity Photo


Saving the work : When you save the document, these entries are all saved with the document. If you then close the application and then re-start the application and re-open the file and then go to the restore, you will find all the same added entries in the list - they are not deleted on exit from the application. They are lost if you don't save the document though. It should be noted that the history panel is not restored so all the added brushes, layer details, effects added are not added back into the history panel


Restore entries : You can find the generated entry in the restore section in the document menu and this will be listed with the time and date etc unless you gave it a different title.


How to restore ? That is the next menu command in the document menu. Use the add and give it a name, add a number of effects and type and layers and then go to the restore command and select the required history state and all the effects and type and layers are removed and everything is restored to the recorded entry


Generate a layer from the work : You can also create a single layer from the recorded information. To generate this pixel dump (it is not a record of the layers or brush strokes etc) as a new layer, go to the layer menu and new layer from snapshot and select an entry in the list. You will see a new layer added to the layers panel and that can then be moved up and down the layers panel and can have filters and live filters and adjustments added to the artwork.


You can select any of the recorded states and use the Affinity Photo snapshots to create in 1000s of new ways. Once you have your layer, you can also change the layer's blending mode and opacity


Dedicated panel : There is also a dedicated panel for all these recorded states and this can be found in the view menu and studio and snapshots. Personally I never use the panel but it does have all the usual features such as add and restore but it also has a delete feature so you can clear the selected entries. You can also use the panel to create a new document from the selected entry (oddly it does not offer the new layer but a new document). The information is the same as the restore entries. There is no rename feature though so once you have added and named the entry, there is no way to rename it. The panel can be closed and then re-opened via the studio menu


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