How to use Snapshots in Affinity Photo

Learn how to use snapshots in Affinity Photo to be able to return to an earlier point in your history tutorial.

Tutorial steps

how to use snapshots in Affinity Photo tutorial
  1. Start Affinity Photo

  2. Open document and then apply effects, add type etc

  3. Document menu

  4. Add snapshot (for Affinity Photo)

  5. Supply a name though the default is fine as it gives the current date and time.

Many apps have a similar feature (in Photoshop it can be found via the history panel). If you want to get back to an earlier state (if you have made a hash of your work or have changed your mind about a certain change to an image) you can quickly restore back to this stored point in your work. All the effects etc are instantly removed.


Video tutorial on the subject (youtube) by graphicxtras,com


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