How to create pattern swatches from images in Illustrator

How to create pattern swatches from images / photos in Illustrator, how to create from a Jpeg / PNG etc file in CC 2018 - CS5CS4 etc tutorial

Create pattern swatches from images

How to create pattern swatches from images in Illustrator
  1. Load JPEG / PNG etc image / photo into Illustrator via file menu and place command

  2. Re-size the image as required for the pattern swatch

  3. Click embed button

  4. Drag image into the swatches panel to save as a pattern in Illustrator

All kinds of photos can be used in Illustrator as a great source for the presets in AI


Video tutorial on the subject by (youtube)


You can manipulate the picture in Illustrator (as well as Photoshop beforehand and then drag to the presets panel (found via the window menu).


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adjust color image pattern swatch illustratorYou can also duplicate the object by holding alt / option and then re-work that picture such as modifying the color of the photo or adding effects etc.


Duplicate picture and select. Edit menu and then edit colors and adjust color balance and preview on and click OK once you are happy with the colors of the new picture and drag that into the presets panel and then it is saved as a new preset

This can be repeated numerous times, perhaps re-coloring, perhaps rotating the picture and more. For better results, probably best to do the original source photo work in Photoshop or Affinity Photo and then place them into Illustrator


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