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How to create pattern swatches from images in Illustrator

How to create pattern swatches from images in Illustrator, how to create a swatch from a Jpeg / PNG etc file in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc tutorial

Create pattern swatches from images

how to create pattern swatches from images in Illustrator
  1. Load JPEG / PNG etc image into Illustrator via file menu and place command

  2. Re-size the image as required for the pattern swatch

  3. Click embed button

  4. Drag image into the swatches panel to save as a pattern in Illustrator

All kinds of images can be used in Illustrator as a great source for images as a pattern swatch. You can manipulate the image in Illustrator and then drag to the swatches panel (found via the window menu). You can find many different pattern image sets on the graphicxtras site for use with Illustrator

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Duplicate and modify image before using as a pattern swatch in Image

adjust color image pattern swatch illustrator

You can also duplicate the image by holding alt / option and then re-work that image such as modifying the color of the image or adding effects etc

  1. Duplicate image

  2. Select duplicated image

  3. Edit menu

  4. Edit colors

  5. Adjust color balance

  6. Preview ON

  7. OK

  8. Drag the image to swatches panel

  9. Save as a swatch

This can be repeated numerous times, perhaps re-coloring, perhaps rotating the image and more. For better results, probably best to do the original source image work in Photoshop or Affinity Photo and then place them into Illustrator

Freebie patterns

1. Freebie pattern swatches for Illustrator


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