How to convert static symbols to dynamic in Illustrator

Learn how to convert / turn static (old) into Illustrator dynamic symbols in CC 2018 2017 2015 etc tutorial

Convert static symbols to dynamic symbols

  1. Window menu and symbols panel (if not visible)

  2. Load the symbols required (if not available)

  3. Drag the Illustrator symbol from the artboard

  4. Object menu and expand

  5. Re-color and tweak the old symbol if required in Illustrator

  6. Drag the symbol back into the symbols panel

  7. Select the dynamic option when asked

  8. Use them with the direct selection tool to re-color parts of the artwork


You can save the artworks (if you are using a file containing lots of the artwork in the panel). File menu and then Save as and then select the Illustrator format and give the file a name and click ok


You may like to remove any included brushes and swatches etc if you wish the file with one set of presets


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