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Convert static symbols to dynamic in Adobe Illustrator tutorial Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021

Convert static symbols to dynamic symbols

How to convert the older format (now called static symbols) in Adobe Illustrator into the new and more useful dynamic symbols ? There is no direct conversion feature but you can quickly convert them to dynamic.

  1. Window menu and symbols panel (if not visible)

  2. Load the symbols required (if not available)

  3. Drag the Illustrator symbol from the artboard

  4. Object menu and expand

  5. Re-color and tweak the old symbol if required in Adobe Illustrator

  6. Drag the symbol back into the symbols panel

  7. Select the dynamic symbol option when asked

  8. Use the newly converted dynamic symbol in Adobe Illustrator via the sprayer tool etc

Save newly converted dynamic symbols

  1. File menu

  2. Save as

  3. Illustrator format

  4. OK

You may like to remove any included brushes and swatches etc if you wish the file to be a pure Illustrator dyanic symbols file