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wave symbols for Illustrator

Wave symbols for Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. The wave symbols for Illustrator are for pc and mac. They are for commercial use, all royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. The wave symbols sets include wavy designs, patchy wave symbols, curved wave symbols, harlequin wave symbols and many more. The wave symbols are all accessed via the symbols panel in Illustrator and can be used as normal paths as well as an amazing source for swatches / patterns as well as brushes. The wave symbols can also be exported for use in other applications such as Photoshop, psp etc. On purchase of the waves, you recieve the artwork in AI format along with notes and gallery of all the designs included and a serial number

Wave symbols to buy

The sets are $7.79 (also GBP, etc) each, AI format, downloads


BUY 240 Wave symbols (V60) Wave symbols for Illustrator


BUY 260 curved lines and harlequin (V57) Wave symbols for Illustrator

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