How to blend type in Illustrator tutorial

Learn how to blend type / text in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc

Create type blends in seconds in Illustrator

blend tool type effects
  1. Create an Illustrator type object such as 'some text' (using the type tool) for the first part of the blend

  2. Create another type object with content 'some text' (you can fill the type with a paragraph etc)

  3. Go to the blend tool in the Illustrator toolbar

  4. Click the first type object and then the second type object

  5. Double click the blend tool and change the settings such as specified steps

  6. Use the direct selection tool / curvature tool etc to change the points of the selected spine of the current blend

Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


Combine different characters : The letters do not need to be same so you can have some characters with the letters A B C and also some letters A B C D E and then combine those using the tool


You can vary the number of steps or apply the designs using the smooth color as well as the specified distance method.


The characters are still live so if you decide to change them you can do so by using the type tool and change the characters from 'a' to 'e' etc/ The touch tool can also be used to change the design in numerous ways.


Not saying the intermediary results are always that great. You can also use the decorative designs that you can find on this site


Buy Price : $3.49 US or equivalent. 100 Gear font shapes designs for commercial use (V198) gallery


Use single characters : singleYou can use a single character from the keyboard such as 'A' and then use the tool with either itself or another character such as 'B'. You can use this feature to blend type in Illustrator in countless ways. As the characters can be anything and not just A and B characters you can also use it with more interesting graphic designs that have been added to any typeface.


You use them in the same font or different. You can use them in different sizes and positions and transformations etc. To use, click the first character and then click the second and the third etc.


You can also do the same if the letters are in different typefaces or different colors or at different angles and different scaling.


You can also combine with strokes so if the first design has no stroke and the second design has a stroke, they are also combined using intermediary stroke weights


Zooms : You can create all kinds of zoom and weird and wonderful twisting letter effects by using the tool - the results can be very variable depending on the characters


I generally expand any designs that I try this way especially if it contains compound characters such as 'O' etc.


The specified steps needs to be pushed to 100+ generally.


You can combine the characters with color changes such as going from red to black or vica versa. You can also use opacity where (as in the example) the opacity for the first is 100% and the opacity for the back (second) is 10%. You can tweak the spine in numerous ways by using the direct selection tool or curvature tool (or use the replace option in the menu commands to use a totally different spine such as a spiral spiral).


Multiple objects : multipleYou can use more than two sets of words. You can use 10 or 15 or many more more.


You can flow from one character to another to another with different characters used and in different colors. You can also use the same character used a number of times and used with different font sizes and opacity and much more. See example on the right.


Spine : direct selection toolYou can modify the spine as well as change the colors and size etc of the objects. You can then have the words displayed using a spiral or a square or a tangle of paths and much more.


You can also go the object menu and the blend menu commands and reverse the spine or replace it with other paths


You can use the direct selection tool to move points of the spine. You can use the add points tool to add some additional points to the line. You can also use the new curvature tool to manipulate the spine in 100s of ways


It is still "live" until you expand it.


Summary : You can blend type in Illustrator in countless ways to create a vast range of designs. The artwork generated can be saved as a symbol by dragging the design to the symbols panel or it can be saved as a brush stroke. You can also save the amazing text artworks to the CC library and the artwork will then be backed up safely to the Adobe server. You can also then quickly use the artwork in other applications that are part of the CC creative cloud such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects and the results of the designs can be amazing (and probably pretty tricky to create in those applications). You can also use the save and export features to export the artwork as a vector design or raster design for use in other applications such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and Inkscape and GIMP.


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