How to blend type in Illustrator tutorial

Learn how to blend type / text in Illustrator for amazing type effects

Create type blends in seconds in Illustrator

blend tool type effects
  1. Create an Illustrator type object such as 'some text' (using the type tool) for the first part of the blend

  2. Create another type object with conent 'some text' (you can fill the type with a paragraph etc)

  3. Go to the blend tool in the Illustrator toolbar

  4. Click the first type object and then the second type object

  5. Double click the blend tool and change the settings such as specified steps

  6. Use the direct selection tool / curvature tool etc to change the points of the selected spine of the current blend

The letters do not need to be same so you can have some characters with the letters 'xyz' and also some letters 'abcd' and then combine those using the tool


You can also do the same if the letters are in different typefaces or different colors or at different angles and different scaling.


This is all live and can be changed at any point in the process so if you decide to change the words from 'topic' to 'some other topic' you can and then you will see the change in the live effects instantaneously


You can create all kinds of zoom and weird and wonderful twisting letter effects by using the tool


You can also apply the same with multiple sets of words and not just two sets of characters. Create some characters using the type tool such as 'text 1'. In a different part of the the artboard and then add some more characters such as 'text 2'. In another part of the artboard, create some more characters 'such as text 3' and then Repeat. Goto to the BT and then click on the different objects in the required order to create the combination of paths


You can modify the spine as well as change the colors and size etc of the objects. It is still "live" until you expand it.


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