Square spirals

Learn how create square spiral in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2105 CS6 etc tutorial using the simplify tool

Tutorial steps

create linear spirals in Illustrator how to tutorial
  1. Goto the spiral tool in toolbar (beneath line tool) as the start point for the linear spiral

  2. Click artboard and set segments to 40

  3. Set decay at 95 and radius 1000px for spiral

  4. OK and then set the stroke weight to 10px

  5. Object menu and path category and simplify on the selected spiral

  6. Set angle threshold to 0 and options straight lines ON

  7. OK

Now you have your design, you can modify it in numerous ways such as add different strokes to the artwork or add live effects to the design or perhaps duplicate the artworks numerous times and create a background of the artworks. You can also add width profiles to the artwork to create different artworks (but with the same theme) in seconds. You can add brush strokes to the artwork and more.


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