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How to create pie slice in Illustrator tutorial

Learn how to create an amazing pie slice path designs in Illustrator CC 2017 etc tutorial

Pie slice creation in Illustrator

pie slice creation illustrator paths

You can now change the pie slice of the circle / live ellipse in Illustrator. The pie slice feature is new to Illustrator and it is part of the live feature found in the ellispe tool

  1. Select the ellipse tool (to create the pie slice - there is no actual pie slice tool in Illustrator)

  2. Create a live circle (start point for the Illustrator pie slice)

  3. select the circle / live ellipse, see the little extended dot on the right

  4. select that and drag to required position

  5. select the other dot for the other side of pie slice and drag that to the required position

You can use the transform panel to change the start and end angles but this can also be done interactively via the path itself by clicking the little extended line and dot on the path and you can then change the start and end independently. The pie slice is to the center of the path (which is a pity as it would be nice if the slice center could be changed as well).

Invert pie slice

invert pie slice path illustrator

You can also invert the pie slice via the panel by clicking the invert pie button.

  1. Select the pie slice design / live ellipse

  2. click the shape link along the top bar

  3. Goto the 4th row in the panel

  4. and click the little button in between the two pie slice icons

There are also other settings available to the ellipse tool such as scale corners, pie start angle, pie end angle etc