How to cut a circle in half in Illustrator tutorial

Learn how to cut a circle in half in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 etc tutorial.

Cut a circle in half in Illustrator

how do you cut a circle in half in illustrator
  1. Select the ellipse tool in Illustrator toolbar

  2. Draw circle (you need a circle to cut in half) by holding shift key down

  3. View menu and smart guides ON

  4. Draw a rectangle using the rectangle tool bigger than the circle

  5. Shift the rectangle to cut the middle of circle (intersect will appear in the smart guide)

  6. Pathfinder panel and divide

  7. Object menu and ungroup

  8. Delete remaining rectangle


Divide objects : divideDivide objects below approach with the ellipse


Ellipse tool and hold the shift key down. Create a line using line segment tool top - down and bigger than the path. Set line weight to 0 / stroke to no color. Select both paths using selection tool. Horizontal align center and Vertical align center. Keep line selected (de-select the main path to be split) and Object menu and Path and use the Divide objects below command. You now have your two halves which can be moved apart - so there there you have your cut circle in half in Illustrator.


Variations : You can now set the color of the two halves to different colors or perhaps add a stroke to one side and a fill to the other. You can also change the opacity and blending mode for the split path. You can also add different effects to each side such as adding a blur to one side and perhaps a different blur to the other side or perhaps add different scribbles.


Save the work : You can then use the semi-circles in the current project or other projects. The result of the design can be saved to the CC library and the graphic can then be used in Photoshop as well as After Effects and other applications. You can also export the artwork to other tools such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and GIMP etc via the file menu and export command.


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