How to Crop photo / image in Illustrator tutorial

The crop image is a new feature of Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 2017 and this is a guide how to use it with photos, pictures etc

Crop images / photos in Illustrator

how to crop image / photo in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 tutorial
  1. Select an image / photo to crop in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 +

  2. Click the 'crop image' button

  3. Set crop region for the image / photo

  4. Set PPI as required

  5. Click apply


Video tutorial on the subject by (Youtube)


Basics : An alternative to trimming raster images in a vector applications is to process the photograph etc in another application such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo and then open or place that into AI. Still, I have found the new trimming feature really useful especially as I often use it before I use the image trace with the newly trimmed raster design


Origin and size : You can use the trimming controls at the top of application (if you are using CS5 etc then you won't see any of these controls) or use the interactive rectangle (displayed with dashes) to change the crop origin and size. If you use the interactive approach, change the rectangle by using the corners of the trimming area (which generally defaults to the entire object). I prefer the interactive approach but if you have a picture with certain objects in certain locations and dimensions then I guess the width etc settings can be useful for more precise settings.


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Area to be cut : The to-be trimmed area is shown with a lower opacity (the opacity cannot be changed with the current versions - it is a good indicator of which part will remain and which part will be removed).


Constrain via shift : You can hold down the shift key to constrain the proportions of the box in Illustrator. If you try and use the tool outside of the photograph, the controls will stop being updated and the "floating ants" rectangle will halt at the edge of the currently processed artwork - it will not allow for any additional area to be added beyond the edges.


PPI : You can set the PPI as required for the crop photo / image in Illustrator. Probably best to leave as is but it does allow for some interesting reductions in the picture such as lowering the PPI to 1 can create a mosaic like effect (you can find a tutorial about that elsewhere on the site).


Multiple copies : If you want to apply multiple clips of the photograph then this is not possible via the tool - it is a pity that you cannot crop photos / images in Illustrator multiple times but as ever there is a workaround.


You have to generate multiple copies and then use the tool with those to select different areas to highlight or trim. As soon as you use the tool, and unless you undo the action, the resulting work is lost for good and is not saved by the application.


Multiple cuts : You can repeat the trimming multiple times. You can again copy the artwork and then apply and then copy that and repeat the process. Once you have your final image, you can add borders etc as required to the work


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