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Crop image in Illustrator CC 2017+ Tutorial

cropping image in Illustrator CC 2017 tutorial
  1. Select an image to crop in Illustrator CC 2017 +

  2. Click the 'crop image' button

  3. Set crop region

  4. Set PPI

  5. Click apply

The crop image is a new feature of Adobe Illustrator CC 2017.1 (and hopefully for CC 2018 2019 2020 etc). The crop crops raster images in Illustrator. Select any image and you will see an option for 'crop image'.


Click button to use the feature. The crop can then be re-applied to the cropped image. It is a super useful new feature in Illustrator though of course you could as easily do the crop in Photoshop, GIMP etc and then place the image into Illustrator pre-cropped but I am certain there are many times it is just as easy to crop within the vector application itself. It is probably one of those features that you may never use but then again, you may find yourself using it all the time.

Cropping images in Illustrator using the new crop feature

cropping dimensions in Illustrator
  1. Click the crop image button

  2. Change the crop size / origin by changing the crop rectangle (the cropped region can still be seen but with a lower opacity)

  3. Change the crop size / origin via the controls along the top bar of Illustrator

  4. Change the PPI setting

  5. Click OK

You can use the controls at the top of Illustrator or use the interactive rectangle (displayed with dashes) to change the crop origin and size. The to-be cropped area is shown with a lower opacity (the opacity cannot be changed). You can hold down the shift key to constrain the proportions of the crop in Illustrator. If you try and crop outside of the image, the controls will stop being updated and the crop rectangle will halt at the edge of the image.

Multiple crops of the same image (there is no keep original image)

multiple crop illustrator CC 2017

Create multiple copies of image using alt / option or select an image and then copy and then paste multiple times (up to you how you create multiple copies within Illustrator). Creating multiple copies is a great way to workaround the lack of 'keep the original image as well as the cropped image' with this new tool. Once you have cropped the image is lost for good within Illustrator

  1. Select image in Illustrator

  2. Select crop button

  3. Set crop rectange

  4. Click apply

  5. Repeat with another image

PPI and crop image

  1. Click the crop image

  2. Set rectange for the crop

  3. You can set the PPI to 300 o etc

  4. Click apply

This may or may not be of any use for you depending on the end result of the crop image

Video tutorials

Crop image video in Illustrator CC 2017.1 (youtube)


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