How to draw a grid in Illustrator tutorial

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Draw rectangle grid

draw a rectangle grid in Illustrator
  1. Goto the Illustrator toolbar and line tool

  2. Select the rectangular grid tool (to draw the grid - tool is beneath the line tool)

  3. Set the fill color to white and set the stroke color to black and set stroke width

  4. Double click the rectangular grid and set the horizontal and vertical dividers and click OK

  5. Draw the rectangle grid and release mouse when drawn to the required size



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Settings of tool : panelYou can change the size of the design. You can change the number of dividers via the tool settings. You can change the width and stroke color etc.


Change the settings by double clicking on the icon.


Use lines : linesYou can create all kinds of designs by using a simple single line. Create a vertical line and then hold down the alt / option key and duplicate multiple times and spread horizontally from left to right. Select all of them and align them and distribute (using the tools along the top bar). Use the ctrl G to group all the paths.


Draw a horizontal line at the top of the previously drawn lines and use the smart guides to overlap the first and last lines (smart guides on) previously created. Use the alt / option key and duplicate the lines downwards or upwards over the previous lines. Finish at the bottom of the previous lines. Always making certain the lines are aligned (so you don't have lines jutting out from the grid).


Group all the newly created designs with the previous set. Or use the pathfinder and use the unite.


Use eraser tool : eraseDraw a square or rectangle and then go to the eraser tool and set the size setting to random and 20pt etc. Apply the tool by holding down the shift key and draw vertically and horizontally. Vary the distance from the previously drawn lines.


Goto the pathfinder panel and click unite. Draw a rectangle on top of the lines.


Select both paths and go to the pathfinder panel and click the exclude button.


Basic drawn : drawnGo to the brush tool and select a stroke from the presets in the brushes libraries such as the artistic ink. Set the stroke color to black. Apply the brush stroke up and down. Move over right and draw up and down again and repeat.


Once you have created all the vertical lines, do the same to create multiple horizontal lines. Group all the paths using the object menu and group command.



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